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EXHIBITION - Kingdoms of the Sea. Archipelago - La Boverie (Liège)

From 15/10/2017 to 21/01/2018

Between 25 October and 21 January 2018, La Boverie will welcome the Europalia Festival to Liège with the Archipelago exhibition. An area of confluences and meetings, the Indonesian has always been one of the most important global trade hubs where Austronesian ships, Arab dhows, Chinese junks, Iberian caravels and other vessels from the East India Companies were moored before today’s container ships and oil tankers. The history of this archipelago is based on a multitude of links and connections, where the near and far coexist, brought to prominence by an omnipresent maritime world. The sea units more than it divides and the monsoon winds have made this hub a compulsory stop for foreign merchants, clerics and diplomats with their presence leaving traces in the myths, monuments, arts and traditions of modern Indonesia. Superimposed, mixed, reinterpreted by rich and complex societies, these foreign contributions have created multiple worlds whose relationship with the sea is finely coloured and carved. The discovery of these worlds is the focus of this exhibition covering 2,500 square metres with the sea as the link and almost 300 major works as markers of a history to be discovered and admired. The partners of this exceptional exhibition are, of course, the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta who agreed to allow these national treasures to leave Indonesia for the first time; the Royal Royal Museum of Mariemont (Belgium); the National Navy Museum in Paris, as well as various other French and Dutch institutions. Related events (music, shadow theatre, conferences) scheduled for La Boverie, offer visitors other perspectives. This exhibition complements the two other major events part of the Europalia festival taking place in Brussels, at BOZAR “Ancestors and Rituals” and “Power and other things”.


1495, Dish © National Museum Of Indonesia

Necklace Gold, 9th - 10th Century © National Museum Of Indonesia

Manjusri, 9th-10th century, silver © National Museum of Indonesia

Ganesha, 7th-10th c. Candi Banon, Borobodur, Magelang Central Java Stone © National Museum of Indonesia

Necklace, 9th-10th centuries, gold © National Museum of Indonesia

828, Boat Lancang Kuning © National Museum Of Indonesia

Ganesha, 7th - 10th Century © National Museum Of Indonesia


Standing_ Buddha_2th_5thC_centuries_bronze(c)National_Museum_of _Indonesia.jpg
Standing Buddha, 2th-5th century, bronze © National Museum of Indonesia

Large vessel East Kalimantan Porcelain © National Museum Of Indonesia

Mahadeva, 9th century Wonosobo, Central Java Gold © National Museum of Indonesia

​Part_Boat_Kalimantan_ wood-3(c)National_Museum_of_Indonesia.jpg
Part of the Boat-Kalimantan, wood © National Museum of Indonesia

Dewa Ruci © National Museum Of Indonesia

King of Lombok © National Museum Of Indonesia

Part of the Boat-Sumatera, wood © National Museum of Indonesia

Part_Boat_Kalimantan_ wood(c)National_Museum_of_Indonesia_bis.jpg
Part of the Boat-Kalimantan, wood © National Museum of Indonesia

Maitreya_9th_10thC_bronze(c) National_Museum_of_ Indonesia.jpg
Maitreya, 9th-10th centuries, , bronze © National Museum of Indonesia

Ramayana Scene © National Museum Of Indonesia

Batik Mega Mendung © National Museum Of Indonesia

Amulet holder © National Museum Of Indonesia


Tampa cloth Lampung Cotton beads peal shell © National Museum of Indonesia

Necklace Paleometalic Besuki East Java Clay Glass © National Museum of Indonesia

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