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Giovanna MASSONI - Artistic Director

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Exhibition - Museum of La Boverie : Fragilitas & Paradigm

From 05/10/2018 to 25/11/2018

For the rst time since its reopening, La boverie will host a chorus of re ections on international contemporary design that will occupy all the rooms of the museum. In the glazed wing, monumental installa- tions will enhance its scale and emphasise the link between the museum and the city, between a place of culture and the public space. In short, culture as a common good. An innovative creative force often comes from a moment of crisis; a turning point; a change; a con ict. It can be transforma- tive for both the individual and communities. Fragilitas one of the main thematic cores of this edition. Its raw materials are the crucial points of our existence, and the changing needs these provoke. by nature wide-ranging, this is a re ection on the way design can lead us towards a more equitable society. Here, the creati- vity of design translates challenges into opportunities. Whether it is issues faced by an ageing population, people experiencing all types of disabilities, or the fragile existenceof those forced to migrate because of con ict or natural disaster, Fragilitas explores both mundane and life-changing circumstances. the very fragility of the human condition is framed as a ‘positive’ theme, one to analyse and divest objects and services with improved meanings in new paradigms. Fragilitas is a three-part exhibition that focuses on design’s (products, prototypes, graphics and architecture) engagement with di erent aspects of human fragility. three insightful observers guide each segment, with a scenography that orchestrates a seamless journey and creates a dialogue between the exhi- bitions, involving visitors in an active reading of design and an educational narrative. Liege and belgium will host an exclusive major exhibition co-produced by recIProcItY and rst previewed at Milan design Week 2018. the guest of honour of this edition is Favrica, an international communication research centre based in treviso (It). The design department director and renowned designer sam baron, in collaboration with the prestigious French textile brand Pierre Frey, will present Paradigm, a multidimensional visual journey questioning the role of the image within the contemporary design process. The exhibition is based on the essential needs of the human being represented in a creative and dreamlike way, questioning through a set of tridimentional instal- lations the role of design and its omnipresent visual representation in today’s society. it will be a true visual experience, a unique process with an exquisite sense of narrative.