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Exhibition - Face A - Face B : Design Station

From 05/10/2018 to 25/11/2018

A work of good design may seem so obvious that it gives the impression that it was easy to make. But to achieve a result of quality demands of designers creativity, research, technical knowledge, material know-how, a great sense of observation, and also the ability to overcome the constraints and challenges that arise. Fragility is one of these constraints, whether it be the materials used, the precariousness of the designer’s status, the complexity of relationships with clients and intermediaries, or the difficulty of having the value of one’s work recognised, among others. By reviewing different aspects of selected Liege designers’ work, the exhibition will address these and other themes, while showing how these fragilities lead designers to develop strengths. During the triennale, job’in Design will organise a moment of meeting/debate. the eight participating designers will talk about their personal experience of fragility as a creative tool.