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Eurantica Brussels Fine Art Fair

From 28/03/2019 to 31/03/2019 - CPI : 26/03/2019

Modern paintings, ancient furniture or design, jewels or paintings by Flemish masters can be admired in Palais 1 of Brussels Expo for the occasion of the 2019 edition of Eurantica Brussels that opens its doors from 26 until 31 March 2019. The fair unites around hundred Belgian and foreign exhibitors that will showcase in a surface that has increased with 15%. Eurantica also proposes an integrated open space restaurant. This dynamic formula reinforces the informal character of the fair that is known for its faithful and well-informed clientele. Attracted by the high discovery factor of the fair, the audience of amateurs and collectors is every year reinforced by a young generation with a more eclectic taste. Design and Art nouveau are well represented this year, amongst others with gallery Thibaut Wolvesperges Art and Furniture (Brussels) – that combines the 18th and the 20th century. One can discover rare pieces by Gustave Serrurier-Bovy, a big name of the Art nouveau in Belgium, or Jules Wabbes, who embodies sober and vintage chic design. Bie Baert and Frank Van Laer will enlarge the offer of furniture and art objects with inspiring stands. Axel Pairon (Antwerp) surprises with a selection of design and contemporary pieces. Old Masters are also in the spotlights, and specifically the Flemish masters that are presented by Galerie Barrez (Paris) but also Frederik Muller Antiek (Antwerp). Modern paintings are well represented, and defended by specialists like the Antwerp galleries Raf Van Severen, NF Art Gallery or Beukelaer-Nordin Fine Arts. Jewellery, a very active domain that is traditionally well-represented at the fair, also has some faithful adherents and some new faces. Also good to know: the participation of gallery Riondet (Lyon), specialised in collector’s watches. The dynamics of the fair and its solid organisation attract a big number of French galleries, seduced by the Eurantica audience and do not hesitate to change their offer to the Belgian market, like Galerie Barrez, Galerie Bouisset, Galerie Lassus, Galerie Laurence Fayolle, Galerie Univers Du Bronze or also Galerie Humeurs (first participation). There is also the presence, for the first time, of Galerie Rosat, specialised in silverwork from Switzerland, and of faithful galleries like Galerie Louis and of Egbert Eibel – a première – from Germany, or Galerie Tandem and Het Ware Huis, specialised in Art nouveau and based in the Netherlands. Eurantica welcomes a prestigious guest this year, the Horta Museum Brussels (Saint-Gilles) that celebrates its 50th anniversary. The friends of the Horta Museum Brussels are present at the fair with an exceptional ensemble of twelve pieces of furniture from the Wolfers shop. For the occasion, the original glass will be shown, reproduced by Val-Saint Lambert, that was integrated in a frame in gilt bronze and signed by Victor Horta. It is the only saved piece of decorative art that was realised by Victor Horta. For your information: all the archives and drawings have been destroyed. This year the fair has several exceptional booths. At the entrance, there is a big booth dedicated to the Empire period. Galerie Edouard de Potter proposes a selection of elegant pieces with sober lines that fit well in both classic and very contemporary interiors. De Potter, who is passionate about old furniture and rare objects, and his partner, Diane van Ussel, who in her turn is fascinated by design, have concentrated, with the years, on the end of the XVIIIth century. They are especially fascinated by exceptional pieces from the Empire period from manufactures in Paris, like the clock in gilt bronze with a complex mechanism or pieces of furniture from famous houses. The scenography of the booth is further completed with French paintings from various periods and horizons. Cubism and abstraction are also well represented by Claes Gallery (René Guiette), NF Gallery (André Lanskoy) or galerie Raf van Severen (Marcel-Louis Baugniet). These three faithful exhibitors are specialists in French and Belgian modernity, before and after the war. The fair returns this autumn with a dynamic formula of 6 days (a much appreciated formula in 2018). Eurantica will open with a Preview on Tuesday, March 26 and afterwards a vernissage on Wednesday, March 27. A group of experts will check the pieces before the opening and will remain available for the audience for all questions. They also give certificates to buyers of the pieces that are exhibited at the fair.

Periode Cubist, 1929 © René Guiette © Claeys Gallery

Aaran-1968(c)J_ Rest(c)Dus_Art_Gallery.jpg
Aaran, huile sur toile,1968 © J. Rest © Dus’Art Gallery

Composition brune, technique mixte sur papier, 35 x 26 cm, 1926 © Marcel-Louis Baugniet © NF Art Gallery

"Composition abstraite", Technique mixte sur papier, 54 x 46 cm © André Lanskoy © NF Art Gallery

Lampe de table avec un décoration floral dégagée à l’acide, 54cm, 1910 © Emile Galle © Galerie Tandem

Au but © Alfred Boucher © Galerie Tandem

Review Eurantica © Galerie Tandem

Collier ras de cou articulé de 22 motifs formés chacun de quatre anneaux imbriqués ciselés et retercés de feuillages encadrant une perle fine ou un saphir cabochon ...

Montre automatique en or © Breguet © Maison Riondet

Portrait de jeune femme en robe noire, brodée de cannetilles et de perles, 1840 © François Meuret © Maison Riondet

La Galerie Belge © Eurantica review

Galerie Thierry Baccara © Review Eurantica

NF Art Gallery © Review Eurantica

De Backker Art and Life © Review Eurantica

Karl Kulik © Galerie-Barrez

Paysage de la Lys sous la neige (Deinze 1930) © Albert Saverijs

Couple à l’hippodrome © J.G. Domergue © Galerie Eufrazie

Les toits rouges (fauve) © Medard Maertens © Galerie Eufrazie

Bela Sara © Raf Van Severen

Pilipili Mulongoy © Raf Van Severen

Cornelis Kloos © Raf Van Severen

Jeanne Rij-Rousseau © Raf Van Severen

Victor Noel © Raf Van Severen

Willem_Paerels © Raf Van Severen

La cafetière au bouquet de fleurs © Leon Devos © Monasch

Nu assoupi, encre et aquarelle sur papier, 15,5 x 14,5 cm, circa 1948 © Paul Delvaux © NF Art Gallery

Perspective d'arbres verts et mauves, aquarelle sur papier, 49 x 62 cm, circa 1930, ©Léon Spilliaert © NF Art Gallery

Satan semant l'ivraie © Félicien Rops © Dus’Art Gallery

Lettre, encre de Chine © Félicien Rops © Dus’Art Gallery

Table de toilette(c)de_Potter.jpg
Table de toilette d’époque Empire © Jacob D.R. Meslee © Galerie de Potter d' Indoye

Imposante pendule d'Epoque Empire © Galerie de Potter d' Indoye

Paire de candélabres en bronze patiné et doré d'époque Empire “aux aigles" © Galerie de Potter d'Indoye

Ivory Netsuke First half 19 century, Edo period (1603-1868), Unsigned, 6cm high © Nohara Japanese Art

Stein and Cedric Moermans © Review Eurantica

Stein and Cedric Moermans © Review Eurantica

Dodenmasker Liao © Ming-k'I

Review Eurantica © Hugo Van Beveren

Review Eurantica © Hugo Van Beveren

Review Eurantica © Hugo Van Beveren

Review Eurantica © Hugo Van Beveren

Review Eurantica © Hugo Van Beveren

Antiek van Laer © Review Eurantica

Galerie Miguel Alzueta © Review Eurantica

Galerie Patrick Martin © Review Eurantica

Galerie Patrick Martin © Review Eurantica

Les_bateaux_echoues(c)Louis_Artan_de_Saint_ Martin(c)Van_de_Ven.jpeg
Les bateaux échoués, huile sur toile, 55x100 © Louis Artan de Saint Martin © K & G Van de Ven

La_Lyse_en_hiver(c)Albert _Saverys(c)Van_de_Ven.jpg
La Lyse en hiver, Huile sur toile, 100x120 © Albert Saverys © Galerie Tandem

Luc Darte, Managing Director Art Fairs © Fairtime

Diane Kervyn de Volkaersbeke, Sales Executive © Fabrice Debatty

Diane Kervyn de Volkaersbeke, Exhibition Manager Art Fairs and Luc Darte, Managing Director Art Fairs © Fairtime


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