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Christa Reniers

Rue Lebeau, 61
1000 Bruxelles
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Christa Reniers

Christa Reniers, a Brussels-based jewel designer that is part of the generation of the well-known Flemish wave of fashion designers, has always been fascinated by the forms and shapes of nature. From the early beginning, organic, natural shapes have been her biggest source of inspiration. Since she launched her first complete silver collection in 1994, she kept on developing her own unique universe that is as stylish as it is timeless. Though she is best known for rings, in which she unites simplicity and sophistication, she also designed many bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc… Her jewels, with a strong presence and a style that is immediately recognizable, combine a modern elegance with a contemporary minimalist touch, and reinforce the personality of those who wear them. Each piece, a true sculpture you can wear, arises straight from Christa Reniers’ hands who works the forms and shapes by modelling the wax, without any previous drawing or sketch, inspired by an idea, the desire to wear a new jewel that, often, can’t be translated in words. It is without doubt this intuitive approach that enables her to enrich her collection with pieces that are always avant-garde but surpass all fashion trends by becoming “classics”. Christa Reniers’ jewels are made from noble and precious materials like silver 925 (for her or him who only go for silver!) and 18k gold (for her or him who only love gold!) and exist in yellow, white, rose or black with precious or semiprecious stones, always natural and carefully selected by the designer. Every piece that is produced in her workshop in the Sablon in Brussels is controlled carefully by Reniers for the perfect finish.