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Brussels Design September - ADAM - Brussels Design Museum

From 06/09/2018 to 30/09/2018

DESIGN GENERATIONS : Design Generations is an exhibition presented in collaboration with Wallonie-Bruxelles Design-Mode (WBDM) within the framework of Intersections, the ADAM’s biennial contemporary design event. It invites visitors to take a fresh look at design by demonstrating the profound value of this profession, which has witnessed and often advocated changes in our society over the last century. Ten design companies based in Wallonia and Brussels explain their approach through a selection of products, some from the past (permanently held in the Museum), some from the present (taken from their current collections) and some from the future (imaginary objects). Through its multi-sensory approach, which reveals spatio-temporal links and intersections, the exhibition offers a true experience of the world of design, improving our understanding of the lives of the objects that surround us and of their intelligence, both retroactive and prospective. They are the interfaces of our everyday lives, custodians of the precious legacies of the past, agents of social and aesthetic experiences, models for sustainable production and development, and vehicles for innovative scenarios promising a better future. WITH: 42 | 54, Alain Berteau, Damien Gernay, Alain Gilles, Hoet &Hoet, Kaspar Hamacher, Luc Druez, LoudorDesign Studio, IOL, Sylvain Willenz GRAPHIC 58 : To mark its 60th anniversary, the Atomium will be launching various activities from March 2018 onwards. These will include exhibitions, events and products honouring this ever-iconic symbol of Brussels and Belgium. The activities planned for this year will begin on the 23, 24 and 25 March 2018, with a special festive weekend to mark the anniversary. On this occasion, the Atomium will present a hitherto unseen comic book entitled “Sourire 58” (“Smile 58”), created by Patrick Weber and Baudouin Deville, both fans of the fifties and of Expo 58. In addition to three exhibitions held at the Atomium and at the ADAM-Brussels Design Museum, collectively entitled Galaxy 58, the programme of activities will feature several events that will take place at intervals throughout the year, including a rock festival, summer firework displays and a large vintage bric-a brac fair. Limited edition items will also be created for the occasion, including a MeisterSinger watch and a batch of beer from the Flobecq brewery, Flo58. A splendid concert given by the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia will round off the programme in the autumn of 2018. The innovative visual world of Expo 58 captured people’s imaginations. For this occasion, the Brussels Design Museum re-focuses attention on its key elements such as forms, colours and textures, and on the importance of their influence in 1958, particularly regarding design.

Design Generation © SIGN. Du 6 juin au 4 novembre 2018 /// ADAM - Brussels Design Museum

Vue d'exposition © flosanphotography © ADAM

Vue d'exposition © flosanphotography © ADAM

Vue d'exposition © flosanphotography © ADAM



Profile table © Sylvain Willenz © Oink01

Graphic 58 © SIGN. Du 23 mars au 13 janvier 2019 /// ADAM - Brussels Design Museum

View Of The Show, Graphic 58 © Photo Christophe Licoppe

View Of The Show, Graphic 58 © Photo Christophe Licoppe


GRAPHIC01 © Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles

GRAPHIC02 © Atelier de l'Imagier © Collection Loterie Nationale

GRAPHIC03 © Atelier de l'Imagier © Collection Loterie Nationale

© Kartell © ADAM - Brussels Design Museum. Du 14 septembre au 1er janvier 2019 /// ADAM - Brussels Design Museum