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Belgian Owl expands its range of Single Malt Whiskies

- CPI : 05/12/2017

Whisky in 4 expressions : Passion and Intense, both a 3 year old bottled Single Cask, will join the existing range composed of Origine (Spirit Drink, not aged) and Identité (also 3 years old). The Owl Distillery that produces the Belgian Single Malt Whisky from barley grown in Hesbaye, unveils two new products expected by connoisseurs of authentic whisky: a Single Cask, bottled from a single cask, called Passion. Through each barrel, the magic of ageing offers to each edition its particular personality. And a Single Cask at cask strength, called Intense. It is the desire to unveil the aromatic intensity of a single cask by proposing it in its purest form. In addition to this expanded range, the distillery still offers special editions of Single Malt Whisky, Eternity. Also worthy of note this year, the Belgian distillery was again honored with a very positive mention of Jim Murray in the 2018 edition of his Whisky Bible, an international whisky guide, for its cask strength version The Private Angels (3 years old). The distillery has also developed a complete traceability of its products, going as far as to identify the cultivated fields linked to harvests of the malt used in the production. It is indeed the terroir that expresses the character of whisky through the barley grown on the land of Hesbaye. Local farmers involved in production work the land in sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to conserve a qualitative land and to respect the purity of the aquifer that extends under the fields. Malt and water are the only ingredients of a Whisky Single Malt. The distillery welcomes visitors with joy to share their world and their passion. The tourist season starts again in March 2018 with free visits or by appointment. For the passionate, events can also be organized at the distillery.

2017, Belga Owl, Origine © Belgian Owl

2017, Belgian Owl, Identité © Belgian Owl

2017, Belgian Owl, Passion © Belgian Owl

2017, Belgian Owl, Intense © Belgian Owl

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