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  • DELPHINE QUIRIN - http://www.delphinequirin.be
    Autumn / Winter collection 2017-2018
    Delphine Quirin keeps on working with her favorite materials for this new collection: mohair, mérinos and angora. She enhances her colour palette however also using sky blue, salmon pink, green, etc.
    CONTACT : Delphine Quirin, tel : Atelier 32 4 221 05 52 - mail : delphine.quirin@cybernet.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/autumn-winter-collection-2017-2018/585.html

  • DELPHINE QUIRIN - http://www.delphinequirin.be
    Spring / Summer Collection 2018
    To create her new spring-summer collection, Delphine Quirin lets her theatrical imagination travel through unique extravagant and offbeat pieces. For this new spring-summer 2018 collection with fresh sour tones and very feminine, we find hats smaller sizes like bobs cotton and floral fabrics and large sizes like straw bonnets. To color these, Delphine Quirin used natural tones, red and blue.
    CONTACT : Delphine Quirin, tel : Atelier 32 4 221 05 52 - mail : delphine.quirin@cybernet.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/spring-summer-collection-2018/673.html

  • KATHELEY'S - www.katheleys.com
    From the beginning of October, the website Katheley's that is run by Catherine Lecomte will be present at different important meetings of vintage and collectors: from 3 to 8 October in London at the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair, 1 and 2 December participation and organisation of the 2nd Edition of The Vintage Collector’s Fair in Paris in the Hôtel Le Bristol. Preview on 30 November 2017.
    CONTACT : Catherine Lecomte, Rue de la Chapelle, 131, 4800, Verviers, tel : +32/487.378.995 - mail : cl@katheleys.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/katheley-s/469.html

  • GUESS EYEWEAR - http://www.marcolin.com/
    The Get In Touch 2017 Eyewear Capsule Collection
    For a third year in a row, GUESS Eyewear has partnered with The Get In Touch Foundation to create a limited edition capsule collection that helps support the non-profit organization’s commitment of raising breast cancer awareness. The Get In Touch Foundation helps educate people of all ages by showing them how to “get in touch” with their bodies and provide information about this breast health initiative. The capsule collection consists of a sunglass and an optical frame enriched by the iconic metal pink ribbon with glitter on each temple tip to commemorate the fight against breast cancer. Each frame is enclosed in a special pink case packaged in a pink gift box. This capsule collection will launch in stores in October 2017. Marcolin will be making a donation to The Get In Touch Foundation. Breast health advocate Betsy Nilan is the president of The Get in Touch Foundation and featured in the current ad campaign for the eyewear collection. Her vibrant pink hair is not only a tribute to her mother who sadly passed away last year from breast cancer, but is also a tribute to all of the girls her mother educated over the last 13 years with the introduction of the Daisy Wheel, a friendly and safe educational tool for proper breast self-examination, and all of the girls she will educate in her honor.
    CONTACT : Isabelle Moes, tel : 32 19 33 09 49 - mail : imoes@marcolin.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/the-get-in-touch-2017-eyewear-capsule-collection/646.html

  • CHRISTA RENIERS - www.christareniers.com
    New Jewels 2017
    The brand Christa Reniers presents 5 new jewels for Spring-Summer 2017!
    CONTACT : Christa Reniers, Rue Lebeau, 61, 1000, Bruxelles, tel : 02 514 91 54 - mail : info@christareniers.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/new-jewels-2017/590.html

    Stehmann Trousers - Spring/Summer 2018
    Experts in fashionable ladies trousers for over 40 years, the Stehmann brand transmits this attitude to life with its Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Firstly, the collection celebrates the depth and variety typical of Stehmann. Equally, these highlight themes particularly stand out: Tropical Glam: Monocolour looks are a thing of the past! We profess our love of flowers, plants and exotic fruits. These prints are loud and simply ooze energy and joie de vivre. Stripes and graphic patterns act as a cool contrast and perfectly complement floral and nature prints. The cuts are distinctive: Cropped flares or trousers with frills appeal to bold women who want to show who they are. Paper-bag and draped waists are incredibly eye-catching fashion details. Wide trouser shapes and XXL pants reinforce this positive feeling, don't cause any restriction and draw all the attention. Stehmann uses lace inserts as a visual highlight to lend classic materials such as viscose, polyester and elastane a touch of absolute glamour. These future classics can be perfectly combined with other pieces and styled in a different way each day. New Natural Pastels: Pink is too girly... That’s yesterday’s news. The new versions of pink and baby blue are anything but girly, but rather tones with power for real women. The new silhouettes certainly play their part too. Jogpants and wide cuts inspired by Marlene Dietrich make just as powerful a statement as high-waist trousers and announce their presence upon the very first glance. High-quality fabrics such as jacquard, Tencel or piqué and eye-catching structures like natural plissés generate an additional wow factor. They are enhanced by tones such as khaki and champagne that complement almost all skin tones and make every woman shine. Powerful Basics: Grenadine and Azalea are two powerful red tones that give classic cuts a certain je ne sais quoi. Azure, Dahlia and Jungle provide a contrast and turn basic Bengaline trousers into fashion pieces that work on a 24/7 basis - both for mornings in the office and dinner in the evenings. Slim-line pants gain stand-out details like visible zips, ties and rips. The use of elastane and viscose will mean that you hardly feel like you’re wearing trousers. Just feel free, comfy and independent!
    CONTACT : Natalie Brock, tel : - mail : nata.brock@skynet.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/stehmann-trousers-spring-summer-2018/675.html

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    CONTACT : Jennifer Thienpont, Dialogic Agency - Avenue du Col Vert, 5, 1170, Bruxelles, tel : + 32 2 426 64 66 - mail : ​jennifer@dialogic-agency.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en//731.html

  • MONCLER LUNETTES - www.marcolin.com
    19/09/2016 > Moncler Lunettes
    Following its recent deal with Marcolin, Moncler will exclusively present 6 models of Moncler Lunettes for its following collection.
    CONTACT : Serena Valente, tel : - mail : svalente@marcolin.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/moncler-lunettes/450.html

    17/07/2017 > Stehmann trousers - Winter collection 2017/18
    Stehmann trousers - Winter collection 2017/18
    CONTACT : Natalie Brock, tel : - mail : nata.brock@skynet.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/stehmann-trousers-winter-collection-2017-18/626.html

  • ERIC BEAUDUIN - www.ericbeauduin.be
    08/11/2017 > New collaboration between Eric Beauduin and Christa Reniers, a unique bag : the « snaps over rings
    New collaboration between Eric Beauduin and Christa Reniers, a unique bag : the « snaps over rings
    CONTACT : Eric Beauduin, 229, Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 02 534 72 10 - mail : - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/new-collaboration-between-eric-beauduin-and-christa-reniers-a-unique-bag-the-snaps-over-rings/643.html

  • CHRISTA RENIERS - www.christareniers.com
    08/11/2017 > Christa Reniers works with diamonds for the end of the year period
    For the end of the year period, the brand Christa Reniers works for the first time with embedded diamonds.
    CONTACT : Christa Reniers, Rue Lebeau, 61, 1000, Bruxelles, tel : 02 514 91 54 - mail : info@christareniers.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/christa-reniers-works-with-diamonds-for-the-end-of-the-year-period/672.html

  • ADAM - BRUSSELS DESIGN MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    24/01/2018 > 21/05/2018 - Exhibition - Soviet Design: Red Wealth [1950-1980]
    In collaboration with the Moscow Design Museum, Soviet Design. Red Wealthis the first retrospective showcase bringing together daily objects and graphics designed in the USSR in the past century. From the fifties to the Moscow Olympic games (1980), the exhibition will feature iconic pieces of the Soviet lifestyle, examples of graphic and industrial design, technical drawings and prototypes made by Soviet designers from the Moscow Design Museum and private collections. The exhibition is divided into sections, each representing a certain aspect of a Soviet citizen’s life and material culture: childhood and leisure, sports and public events, visual communication and packaging design, furniture and household products, precision engineering and industrial production, as well as unique projects of the All-Union Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics (VNIITE). Now, when Russian design of the 21st century is being formed it is important to look back at the achievements of decades past and unveil the names of the designers who shaped the lifestyle of Soviet people.
    CONTACT : Arnaud Bozzini, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : arnaud.bozzini@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-soviet-design-red-wealth-1950-1980/655.html

  • LE SALON DU VINTAGE - www.salonduvintage.com
    03/03/2018 > 04/03/2018 - Le Salon du Vintage
    Le Salon du Vintage, for the very first time in Luxemburg ! From 3 to 4 March 2018 - The Box (LUXEXPO) The Salon du Vintage opens its doors in Luxemburg and presents post-war furniture, design, decoration objects, old cars, vinyls and the best of vintage fashion and prêt à porter. You can find the big names but also discoveries. Exclusive for this edition in Luxemburg: the exhibition « Le 70 chic » shows pieces by Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Balenciaga and many others!
    CONTACT : Laurent JOURNO, tel : +33 625 50 19 03 - mail : laurent@salonduvintage.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/le-salon-du-vintage/717.html


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