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  • ADAM - ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    11/12/2015 > ADAM - Art & Design Atomium Museum (Plasticarium)
    Initiated by the Atomium Exhibitions Department [Atomium Expo], the Art & Design Atomium Museum is the result of a dual objective. One aim relates to the Atomium’s role as a tourist attraction and a cultural and educa- tional centre. With this in mind, the department was keen to organise exhibitions on a larger scale than the limited space available in the Atomium. The ideal solution was to establish a location in the immediate area around the building. The other aim was to provide the best possible setting in which to display an exceptional design collection [the Plasticarium]. Its former owner [Philippe Decelle] wanted the collection to remain together and to form part of a museum project for Brussels. Launched in the 1980s, this remarkable collection, the only one of its kind in the world, comprises several thousand plastic objects, from the most commonplace everyday items to works of art. The intention behind this project was to create an exemplary type of art and design exhibition. In this way, it forms part of the cultural programme established by the Atomium following its renovation (2006) and its 50th anniversary (2008). What do the notions of modernity and progress – the key words for Expo 58 – mean now, with regard to contemporary creativity, design and architecture?
    CONTACT : Inge Van Eycken, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : Inge.vaneycken@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/adam-art-design-atomium-museum-plasticarium/209.html

  • ar-te - BAEV -
    22/01/2016 > ar-te - B.A.E.V
    The architectural firms ar-te and B.A.E.V have made a fusion, hence making it one of the biggest architectural practices in Belgium, through this unique collaboration between a company in the North and the South of the country.
    CONTACT : Christine Gerst, Boulevard du Souverain 360 - Bte 7, 1160, Bruxelles, tel : - mail : admin@baev.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/ar-te-b.a.e.v/355.html

  • CHARLES KAISIN - ORNIS - THEATRE DE LIEGE - www.theatredeliege.be
    10/09/2016 > 30/06/2017 - Charles Kaisin - Ornis - Théâtre de Liège
    Monumental installation by the famous Belgian designer Charles Kaisin to commemorate 9/11.
    CONTACT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/charles-kaisin-ornis-theatre-de-liege/449.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    22/01/2017 > 30/04/2017 - Exhibition - L' éloge de l'heure (Telling Time)
    The vocabulary of watchmaking uses poetic and evocative language to express the plethora of ways employed to display the time - how about wandering hours, mysterious time, digital time, hands in the air or singing hours? With a great wink to the inventiveness of watchmakers of yesteryear, Telling Time presents works by contemporary artists and designers, which all share the same desire to tell the time. The more recent creations often build upon and adapt Each of these domains - watchmaking, art and design - brings its own particular resonance, its own poetry and aesthetic language. The exhibition builds bridges from one subject to another, in an unexpected, curious and funny way. Exhibition concieved and produced by the mudac (Lausanne).
    CONTACT : Gaëtan Delehouzée, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : gaetan.delehouzee@grand-hornu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-l-eloge-de-l-heure-telling-time/431.html

  • ADAM - ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    17/03/2017 > 11/06/2017 - The Bauhaus #itsalldesign
    With The Bauhaus #itsalldesign, the Vitra Design Museum presents a comprehensive overview of design at the Bauhaus. The exhibition encompasses a multiplicity of rare, in some cases never before seen exhibits from the fields of design, architecture, art, film and photography. At the same time, it confronts the Bauhaus design with current debates and tendencies in design and with the works of contemporary designers, artists and architects. In this way, The Bauhaus #itsalldesign reveals the surprising present-day relevance of a legendary cultural institution.
    CONTACT : Inge Van Eycken, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : Inge.vaneycken@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/the-bauhaus-itsalldesign/524.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    21/05/2017 > 01/10/2017 - Exhibition - Nendo
    Following its debut exhibition in 2003, the nendo phenomenon has developed at an astounding pace. Under the guidance of Oki Sato, the Japanese collective has continued to impress us through the coherence and power of its vocabulary, its design that is imbued with simple,Japanese linesand given a twist not devoid of humour. Whether it iscreating furniture, objects, accessories, eating utensils or architecturallayouts, nendo respondsto the most broad-ranging projects with the same natural rigour, charged with enormous inherent poetry. Now aged 39, Oki Sato has enthusiastically accepted the CID’s invitation and for four months willtake over all the interior and exterior spaces: stables, the hay store, atrium, north wing, the square courtyard and the oval courtyard… His exhibition will form an exclusivecreation, devised in close complicity with the location. This will be a European premiere on such a scale.
    CONTACT : Gaëtan Delehouzée, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : gaetan.delehouzee@grand-hornu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-nendo/432.html

  • ADAM - ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    05/06/2017 > 08/10/2017 - The Paper Revolution - Soviet Graphic Design and Constructivism (1920 – 1930’s)
    The Paper Revolution (1920 – 1930’s) will be dedicated to the Soviet graphic design of the 1920s and 1930s. Featuring significant works of Aleksandr Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova and Vladimir Mayakovsky, The Paper Revolution will showcase the visual identity of the USSR created by the Constructivist artists. The Constructivism movement was the art in the service of the Revolution. It defined a new order and a new better life for everyone. Sharing the beliefs in the idea of a bright future , the artists became the loudspeakers of the Soviet propaganda through their creations.
    CONTACT : Inge Van Eycken, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : Inge.vaneycken@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/the-paper-revolution-soviet-graphic-design-and-constructivism-1920-1930s/525.html

  • MUSEE L - University Museum of Louvain (in Louvain la Neuve) - www.uclouvain.be/presse
    15/06/2017 > Opening of Museum L
    Museum L: an exciting new university museum presenting a dialogue between scientific collections and art works Located in Louvain-la-Neuve, less than 30 km from Brussels, the new museum of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Museum L, will open in a completely renovated building in spring 2017. This will be Belgium’s very first large-scale university museum, with an area of more than 4,100 m² open to the public. Its distinguishing features will be the dialogues that are set up between the art works and UCL’s unique scientific collections, and three labs where the public can handle exhibits. A Buddha next to a medieval Christ, ancient writings alongside calculating machines... Museum L, with 25,000 items in its collection, explores some new and unusual encounters that tell us about the world and our humanity. Art works are not the only thing on display: the museum also presents the UCL’s scientific collections. Natural history specimens, archaeological and ethnographic objects and scientific inventions are all on show in 2,600 m² of exhibition space at the heart of a building that is a landmark of modern Belgian architecture. Museum L is not like other museums: it is a place of living dialogue and exciting discovery.
    CONTACT : Isabelle De Coster, 3, place des Sciences, B-1348, Louvain-la-Neuve, tel : 32 (0)10 47 88 70 - mail : Isabelle.decoster@uclouvain.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/opening-of-museum-l/419.html

  • ADAM - ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    23/06/2017 > 01/01/2018 - Panorama - A history of Belgian design from Art Nouveau until the 1980s
    The exhibition brings an overview of a hundred years of modern design in Belgium. Starting with the world-famous Art nouveau style at the turn of the nineteenth century, it covers the social aspirations of the interwar avant-garde movement, the pedagogical experiments at the La Cambre school, the post-war design craze, the promotion of modernist Belgian design by the Brussels Design Centre and the impact of the environmental crisis in the 1970s. Through objects, graphic material, pictures and original film fragments, the exhibition showcases the multiple faces of modern design in Belgium: infused with social ambitions to improve everyday life, as an economic tool to boost the national economy and as a marker of the Belgian nation on large international exhibitions.
    CONTACT : Inge Van Eycken, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : Inge.vaneycken@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/panorama-a-history-of-belgian-design-from-art-nouveau-until-the-1980s/526.html

  • ADAM - ART & DESIGN ATOMIUM MUSEUM - http://www.adamuseum.be
    25/06/2017 > 03/09/2017 - Artview#5 BPS 22 – Art Objet
    Within the framework of the 5th edition of Artview, the ADAM is hosting the BPS22. From the 1980s, artists began to be interested in the boundaries between the work of art and the everyday object. They questioned the paradoxical nature of industrial design creations, being intrigued by the dual functionality of these items. They then took to creating works that were situated “on the borderline between design and the plastic arts”. Following in the wake of Duchamp's Ready-Made movement, then the Pop Art trend, this exhibition brings together around ten works (by Michel François, Wim Delvoye, Méret Oppenheim, Gilbert & George, Maarten Baas and Marcel Marïen) from the collection of pieces that span the frontier between design and the plastic arts that is held by the Province of Hainaut.
    CONTACT : Inge Van Eycken, Square de l’Atomium, B-1020, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : - mail : Inge.vaneycken@atomium.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/artview-5-bps-22-art-objet/527.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    09/09/2017 > 30/09/2017 - Brussels Design September 2017
    Brussels Design September, has become the meeting place for design enthusiasts and encompasses over 100 cultural and commercial events in Brussels. For a month, the city becomes the meeting platform for numerous Belgian and international designers. Brussels Design September gathers activities such as exhibitions, conferences, Arts & Crafts routes, the Commerce Design Brussels or the Brussels Design Market. So many places for dialogue and meetings between designers, architects and design enthusiasts. A true urban route to be followed going through stores, pop-up stores, galleries, cultural venues.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/brussels-design-september-2017/471.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    23/09/2017 > 24/09/2017 - Brussels Design Market - Tour & Taxis
    THE LARGEST VINTAGE DESIGN MARKET IN EUROPE! BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET: Brussels Design Market was founded in 2002. Initially it was simply a ea market exclusively devoted to productions from the 50s to the early 80s. Today, Brussels Design Market is considered to be one of the best events in Europe dedicated to vintage design of the 20th century. Twice a year, in March and in September, Brussels De- sign Market welcomes 100 exhibitors and over 7.000 visitors in an exceptional and very famous location: Sheds 3 and 4 of Tour & Taxis - home to the largest Belgian cultural events, shows and fairs. At Brussels Design Market, visitors can discover fur- niture from across the globe including: Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Italy, America as well as ceramic and glass objects, collectables, and accessories made of metal, wood or Bakelite. Brussels Design Market is not only a place to nd origi- nal design pieces which have made the history of de- sign, but also a welcoming place to meet and exchange. Besides buying a piece of Knoll, Eames, or Pesce, you will enjoy a break with a warm coffee or an original dish proposed by the quality foodtrucks on site. Rendezvous is given to design lovers and professio- nals, to dealers and collectors, in the historical and exceptional setting of the exhibition rooms - Sheds 3 and 4 - of Tour and Taxis! EXHIBITORS: Brussels Design Market, the largest vintage market in Europe, includes more than 100 exhibitors from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. Only exhibitors who display 20th century furniture and objects are accepted. Our goal is to provide customers with a maximum of authentic vintage design.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/brussels-design-market-tour-taxis/150.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    22/10/2017 > 11/02/2018 - Exhibition - Patrick Marchal
    Exhibition by Patrick Marchal who gives an original twist to jewels.
    CONTACT : Gaëtan Delehouzée, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : gaetan.delehouzee@grand-hornu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-patrick-marchal/433.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    12/11/2017 > 18/02/2018 - Exhibition - Les Belges ont (presque) inventé la lumière
    CONTACT : Gaëtan Delehouzée, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : gaetan.delehouzee@grand-hornu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-les-belges-ont-presque-invente-la-lumiere/434.html


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