• MUSEUM OF MARIEMONT - http://www.musee-mariemont.be
    Exposition - Tanagras
    Le Musée royal de Mariemont voit ses collections grecques et romaines s’enrichir de Tanagras, délicates statuettes en terre cuite, et de verres antiques, grâce aux dons de Madame Colette et Monsieur Pierre d’Aubreby. Un très bel ensemble de délicates statuettes en terre cuite, réunies par Madame Colette d’Aubreby, est venu récemment compléter les collections permanentes du Musée royal de Mariemont. Ces figurines moulées, généralement connues sous le nom de « Tanagras » (du nom d’une ville grecque où les premières séries ont été retrouvées à la fin du 19e siècle), très appréciées du public, font donc leur apparition, pour la première fois, dans les vitrines du Musée. Les « Tanagras » représentent d’élégantes jeunes femmes drapées, des adolescents et des enfants, des danseuses, des musiciennes et quelques divinités, comme Aphrodite et Éros. Ces statuettes offrent ainsi aux visiteurs un témoignage précieux sur la vie quotidienne et la religion de la Grèce antique. Dès le 5e siècle avant J.-C, mais principalement aux 4e et 3e siècles avant J.-C., plusieurs centres de production, tant en Grèce que dans le sud de l’Italie, en Asie mineure et en Égypte, ont contribué à la diffusion de ces statuettes qui séduisent par leur silhouette élancée et leur visage rêveur, ainsi que par les quelques traces conservées de leur fragile polychromie.
    CONTACT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, B-7140, Morlanwelz, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exposition-tanagras/937.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    Season 2019-2020
    CONTACT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/season-2019-2020/904.html

  • EUROPAEXPO - LIEGE-GUILLEMINS - https://www.europaexpo.be/
    22/09/2018 > 01/09/2019 - Exhibition - Generation 80 Experience
    After the Golden Sixties, marked notably by the events of May 1968, EUROPA EXPO is proud to present GENERATION 80's EXPERIENCE or freedom regained! The world was split in two, the East clashed with the West, freedom and prosperity were in conflict with censorship and austerity! Whilst politicians bust a gut to build walls, citizens dreamed of building bridges and communicating with each other. The end of economic growth, industrial modernisation, political crises and environmental challenges were all concerns that encouraged greater realism, humanism, solidarity and the desire to overcome the divisions of “left versus right” or “capitalism versus communism”. At the same time, globalisation was weaving its web and becoming a reality affecting everybody, as the world became a big village! It was also the time of the enthusiastic youths who reinvented the world, challenging the codes of language and etiquette, young people who felt the blast of the wind of new freedom, which had hatched in 1968. Society was called into question and underwent a crisis in values. Science seemed helpless in the face of a new epidemic: AIDS. GENERATION 80’s EXPERIENCE paints a broad panorama and follows a stimulating path through the evolution of music, cinema, TV, comedy, comics, design and fashion during this decade, not forgetting sport also. At the same time, hope of a better world emerged... The Berlin Wall came tumbling down on the night of 9th to 10th November 1989.
    CONTACT : Alain Mager, Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins, 4000, Liège, tel : 0475 71 53 35 - mail : alainmager@europaexpo.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-generation-80-experience/906.html

  • LA BOVERIE - VILLE DE LIÈGE - http://www.liege.be/culture/musees/boverie-beaux-arts-expos-liege
    21/12/2018 > 18/08/2019 - Exposition – Chefs d’œuvre, Regards sur la collection du musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège
    From the masters of the Renaissance to those of the avant-garde movement, by way of famous international artists (Ingres, Monet, Pissarro, Picasso, Chagall, Arp, Magnelli, Debré, Hantai, Monory, Gilbert & George and more), Liège. Chefs-d’œuvrewill offer an unprecedented journey through the masterpieces in the collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège. Belgian artists are not omitted: Constant Permeke, James Ensor, Emile Claus, the surrealists René Magritte and Paul Delvaux, Pierre Alechinsky, Marthe Wéry, not to mention the Liège-born Lambert Lombard, Gérard de Lairesse, Léonard Defrance, Jean Rets, among others. It is an opportunity for the people of Liège, as well as any visitors from Belgium or overseas, to discover a vast selection of exceptional works and admire the considerable richness of this expansive collection. This unprecedented exhibition – which will showcase more than 150 paintings and sculptures – will be original in more than one way. Since the reopening of La Boverie in May 2016, many works, which had been weakened with time or kept in reserve, have not been exhibited for a long time. The Liège. Chefs-d’œuvreexhibition was designed to establish a dialogue between different eras and formal movements, all the while offering visitors certain specific focuses on particular artists and artistic trends: Henri Evenepoel, the shining talent of Rik Wouters, the elusive James Ensor, Pol Bury’s moving sculptures, the Cobra movement, as well as evoking the steel-working tradition of the Liège basin through the eyes of 20thand 21stcentury artists.Certain masterpieces will be exhibited on an exceptional basis: Les Femmes vertueusesby Lambert Lombard, a collection of statues and sketches by Jean Del Cour, the Baroque sculptor, Mise au tombeau, an Impressionist work by Paul Delvaux, as well as a number of important pieces from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation will be given pride of place. In anticipation of this exhibition, and after a first volume published during its reopening in May 2016, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège is also preparing for the publication of the second volume of the collections catalogue. This beautiful book of art will include a selection of about 120 pieces, commentated by art historians and qualified scholars.
    CONTACT : Laura Dombret, tel : +32 4 238 55 01 - mail : laura.dombret@liege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exposition-chefs-doeuvre-regards-sur-la-collection-du-musee-des-beaux-arts-de-liege/847.html

  • MILL - MUSEE IANCHELEVICI - https://www.ianchelevici.be
    23/03/2019 > 29/09/2019 - Exhibition - The art works of the city La Louvière, An invisible collection
    Anticipating the anniversary of La Louvière (1869-2019), the MiLL – musée Ianchelevici publishes a work on the artistic collection of the city. From Anto Carte over Pol Bury, Pierre Alechinsky and René Magritte.
    CONTACT : Céline Christiaens, Place Communale, 7100, La Louvière, tel : - mail : com@lemill.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-the-art-works-of-the-city-la-louviere-an-invisible-collection/715.html

  • CITE MIROIR - http://www.citemiroir.be/
    23/03/2019 > 20/07/2019 - Exhibition : Masques
    The exhibition 'Masques' presents a prestigious selection from the collection of the musée du quai Branly in Paris. More than 80 works from Asia, America, Africa and Oceania will be presented in a unique context.
    CONTACT : Arnaud Leblanc, 22, place Xavier Neujean, B-4000, Liège, tel : 04 232 70 66 - mail : arnaud.leblanc@citemiroir.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-masques/872.html

    09/05/2019 > 03/08/2019 - Exhibition ​Kait Rhoads
    Kait Rhoads is an American sculptor. She lives and works in Seattle. She creates innovative structures using traditional glass cane and murrine (Italian glass technique). Rhoads’s youth was spent between rural Virginia and a sailboat in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Growing up on the water was a major influence and is a great source of inspiration. Her ‘Sea Stones’ series references these watery origins: simple shapes with subtle shifts in colour and quick gleams of light reminiscent of the sun on the waves. To create these amorphous shapes, she weaves together hollow glass cane with copper wire. The resulting small sculptures beg to be touched, their scale, surface and playfulness eliciting a variety of responses from curious viewers. This is Rhoads’s first European exhibition of her work.
    CONTACT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-kait-rhoads/879.html

  • CHATEAU DE BOUSVAL - http://chateaudebousval.be
    23/05/2019 > 23/06/2019 - Inauguration of the winery of the Chateau de Bousval
    The Château de Bousval, 5.2 hectares, will inaugurate from 23 until 26 May her new winery that is designed by the architect firm AWAA of Charly Wittock. The wineyard is part of a biological approach that experiments with biodynamy and permaculture and reveals her winery that is perfectly integrated in the environment. For the occasion, gallery Esther Verhaeghe- art proposes an exhibition of contemporary art during the months of May and June. The winery is accessible to the audience upon reservation. The first harvest that is for sale for the general public is expected in 2020.
    CONTACT : , 33, Rue du Château, 1470, Bousval, tel : 06 779 44 01 - mail : info@chateaudebousval.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/inauguration-of-the-winery-of-the-chateau-de-bousval/897.html

  • VLAAMSE MEESTERS IN SITU - www.vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be
    01/06/2019 > 30/09/2019 - Flemish Masters in situ, this summer’s art’s route
    This summer, from June 1 until September 30, the art’s route « Flemish Masters in situ » highlights masterpieces from Flemish art that are still conserved in all the regions of Flanders and Brussels in their original setting (exceptional abbey’s, churches, historical sites ...). Most of the works have been restored or endowed with new lighting of museum quality. Every work is also commented by a multilingual audio device. Contemporary art is also included on the trajectory. The art’s route « Flemish Masters in situ » is an initiative of OKV, with the support of Tourism Flanders.
    CONTACT : Peter Wouters, Sint-Margrietstraat 11, 9000, Gent, tel : 09 269 58 30 - mail : info@vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/flemish-masters-in-situ-this-summers-arts-route/888.html

  • VLAAMSE MEESTERS IN SITU - www.vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be
    01/06/2019 > 30/03/2019 - Maîtres flamands in situ, à Bruxelles
    CONTACT : Peter Wouters, Sint-Margrietstraat 11, 9000, Gent, tel : 09 269 58 30 - mail : info@vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/maitres-flamands-in-situ-a-bruxelles/901.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    08/06/2019 > 01/10/2019 - Exhibition - De ta salive qui mord - Sanam Khatibi
    Shaking up the stereotypes of gender and domination, the works of Sanam Khatibi (Iran, 1979) both captivate and revolt you at the same time. Born in Iran, the Belgian artist paints female figures, solitary or in packs, subversive and provocative, giving free rein to their animal desires in landscapes evoking a far-off, atypical Eden. His subjects, which are ambiguous in their relations to power, violence, sensuality, question excess, loss of control, domination and submission. Aside from his large oil paintings, populated by animals and hunting stories which are as naïve as they are cruel, Sanam Khatibi also creates drawings, embroidery and tapestry which are often based around installations. The exhibition De ta salive qui mord / Your Biting Saliva starts out from a personal collection of objects from very varied provenances, such as archaeological debris, idols, ceramics which are an integral part of his practice.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-de-ta-salive-qui-mord-sanam-khatibi/886.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    08/06/2019 > 25/08/2019 - Exhibition - MX Temple - Xavier Mary
    In Cambodia and Thailand, the artist was fascinated by traditional metalwork, the recovery of mechanical and electronic components, the customising of vehicles, the hustle and bustle of cities and the calm of Buddhist temples and the wild jungle. As a result of these contrasting new experiences, he produces works by associating and transforming objects, signs, logos, sounds or animated images. Following his intuition, he associates - in order better to blend them - collective perceptions of time, space and symbols, matters and mechanics, technologies and biological species, in order to bring about a new aesthetic register which provides the basis for a visual vocabulary that is specific to the 21stcentury.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-mx-temple-xavier-mary/799.html

  • EUROPAEXPO - LIEGE-GUILLEMINS - https://www.europaexpo.be/
    15/06/2019 > 01/09/2019 - Exhibition - A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind
    Besides the prolongation of the exhibition Generation 80 Experience, Europa Expo welcomes a temporary exhibition that is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon. This tribute to this important step in history is on view until September 1, 2019.
    CONTACT : Alain Mager, Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins, 4000, Liège, tel : 0475 71 53 35 - mail : alainmager@europaexpo.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-a-small-step-for-man-a-giant-leap-for-mankind/924.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    23/06/2019 > 13/10/2019 - Exhibition - Design on air
    Invisible, intangible, immaterial. Yet omnipresent and vital. No life on earth is possible without air. Scientists and philosophers share their fascination for air with contemporary designers. The Design on Air exhibition at CID in Grand-Hornu explores the relationships between design and air, the most ethereal, and at the same time the most essential of the four traditional elements. Air – at least for now – is free, belonging to everyone. But in our Anthropocene age, it is also becoming an increasingly threatened resource, in need of protection. How are designers reacting to this? How do they deal with air? What does air mean to them? And can design justifiably be compared to air? In Design on Air, the theme of air is approached from diverse angles, from air as an inflatable material to blowing air as a formative and technical procedure. From the movement of air to the quality of air. Sometimes, the priority is a search for material expertise or innovation in technical production, or such functional issues as safety and comfort, or it might be about the magic of the rarefied, the fleeting, the ethereal. The one need not cancel out the other.
    CONTACT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-design-on-air/845.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    01/07/2019 > 13/08/2019 - Summer Grand-Hornu 2019
    CONTACT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/summer-grand-hornu-2019/923.html

    06/07/2019 > LABIOMISTA opens its gates
    On 6 July 2019, LABIOMISTA officially opens its gates to the public. This unique, evolving work of art by Koen Vanmechelen is a vigorous hybrid of art, science and society. “LABIOMISTA is a homage to the mix of life itself,” says the artist, who realised this project in close partnership with the city of Genk. LABIOMISTA is the embodiment of Koen Vanmechelen’s art and philosophy. Spanning 20 years, his oeuvre is internationally acclaimed for its exploration of the intersections between art, science and community. The artist is motivated by his belief in art as a catalyst for mutual understanding and as a guiding light in our search for answers to the great challenges of the 21st century – in particular - the relationship between nature and culture, and sustainable community development. LABIOMISTA is an atypical project, emerging from a remarkable collaboration between the artist and the city of Genk. “As the most culturally diverse city in Flanders, we share Koen Vanmechelen’s conviction that diversity explains the present and shapes the future. That’s why we are confident to give him free rein with LABIOMISTA, and will work with him to produce a bountiful harvest in the fertile ground of Zwartberg, both in terms of artistic experiments and social redevelopment,” says Wim Dries, the Mayor of Genk. Four years have passed between the ground-breaking at LABIOMISTA and its public opening. It will continue to develop and mature into an exciting meeting place for diversity of all stripes, where universal socio-ecological topics take shape and become the subject of artistic discourse.
    CONTACT : Goele Schoofs, Marcel Habetslaan 50, B-3600, Genk, tel : +32 495 66 67 71 - mail : goele@koenvanmechelen.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/labiomista-opens-its-gates/900.html

  • VHELLO - www.vhello.be
    20/07/2019 > Vhello, a new cycle circuit in Hainaut
    CONTACT : Natacha Vandenberghe, tel : 00 32 65 40 53 40 - mail : natacha.vandenberghe@ville.mons.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/vhello-a-new-cycle-circuit-in-hainaut/939.html

  • LA BOVERIE - VILLE DE LIÈGE - http://www.liege.be/culture/musees/boverie-beaux-arts-expos-liege
    31/08/2019 > 27/10/2019 - Exhibition – Retrospective Luis Salazar. 40 years painting (1979-2019)
    Overview of Luis Salazar's paintings of the last 40 years.
    CONTACT : Laura Dombret, tel : +32 4 238 55 01 - mail : laura.dombret@liege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-retrospective-luis-salazar.-40-years-painting-1979-2019/848.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    03/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 - Highlights - Edition 2019
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/highlights-edition-2019/932.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    03/09/2019 > 30/06/2019 - Limited edition - Xavier Lust
    The story between Design September and Xavier Lust has been multiple for many years. The success of the Design Stories exhibition at Botanique in 2015 or our collaboration for the exhibition Between Art & Design at Kanal - Center Pompidou the past edition shows it. Of course, Design September turned to Xavier Lust to sign this first production of a series of limited edition pieces. For this production, we wanted to present something new, and to embark on new grounds, working on a material that Xavier Lust has not yet experienced in his very broad work: porcelain. A material where the shape, the deformation of the material will be confronted to the claw of the designer.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/limited-edition-xavier-lust/934.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    03/09/2019 > 30/06/2019 - Contempory Design Market
    Brussels Design September, FlandersDC for Design, and Wallonie Design are proud to present the launch of theContemporary Design Market, powered by #IkKoopBelgisch/J’AchèteBelge*. The Contemporary Design Market will take place at the same time as theBrussels Design Market, the largest event dedicated to 20th century design, which attracts more than 7000 visitors! For this edition, a special area will be dedicated to contemporary design! Contemporary Design Market is an exclusivepresentation and sale momentfor well-known Belgian based designersandupcoming Belgians based talentsworking in different design disciplines with various materials. As a part of the Design September program, Contemporary Design Market is a unique moment to discover, meet and buy belgian design. Professionals, collectors, prescriptors, architects and other design lovers are invited to discover the very best of the contemporary design scene. Carefully selected by a committee of design experts, designers will showcase their last creations.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/contempory-design-market/935.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    03/09/2019 > 30/06/2019 - Lectures
    This year Brussels Design September, has the pleasure to introduce Paola Navone as its guest of honor. Straightforward, a dreamer and eclectic: her mind and soul are a combination of flavours and colours of the South of the world - known, loved and lived - together with the taste and forms of the West, rich in traditions, open and continuously in movement. All of this produces her untiring curiosity in her research for matters and materials, forms and structures. In her research for the present, the past and the future. Paola Navone is an architect. She is a product designer, an interior decorator and art director. She is a creator of exhibitions and events all around the world. In 1983, she won the prestigious Osaka International Design Award. She is Designer of the Year in 2000 for the magazine Architektur&Wohnen. In 2011 she won the Elle Deco International Design Awards for two project. In 2014 she has been inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame. In 2018 she win the Elle Deco International Design Awards for the category outdoor furniture. She has worked and still cooperates with most important companies of the international and Italian stage of the design world.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/lectures/936.html

  • ESTHER VERHAEGHE ART CONCEPTS - www.estherverhaeghe.com
    03/09/2019 > 03/10/2019 - Exhibition - Jacqy duVal
    Jacqueline Dehond and Koenraad Uyttendaele together comprise the duo of artists Jacqy duVal. They both studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and went on to have careers as a designer and an art restorer, respectively. Inspired by their understanding of and passion for art history, since 2009 they have been working together on a body of abstract paintings. Drawing inspiration from a geometric motif on the walls and ceiling of a room in the historic Hospital of St. John in Bruges which dates from the 16th century, they inflect its forms on canvases of raw linen, in a subtle exploration of colours. This magnificent colouristic exercise, in all its astonishing precision and assurance, is undoubtedly informed by their knowledge of the history of art and the decorative arts. The initial composition is done on the computer screen. The colour samples are then printed on paper and a full-scale test is carried out, with each of the flat tints on paper pinned onto the canvas, and finally the raw linen canvas is sized with rabbit-skin glue and painted with the pigments and casein. This is a slow, thoughtful, intense process. The compositions are developed in very small formats, which are enclosed in Plexiglas boxes like small precious icons, and on very large, majestic canvases with an irradiant presence. Other paintings, monochrome, have a slightly flattened circular form. This is the circle formed by the menhirs of Stonehenge, a megalithic monument consisting of a set of concentric circles, erected in the south of England between 2800 and 1100 BCE.
    CONTACT : Esther Verhaeghe, Place du Châtelain 37, 1050, Brussels, tel : +32 (0)476 28 37 35 - mail : info@estherverhaeghe.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-jacqy-duval/933.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    05/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 - ​Brussels Design September 2019
    Over the years, Brussels Design September has become the annual flagship event for design enthusiasts. For one month, the city hosts an array of over 100 not-to-be-missed cultural and commercial events offering a meeting platform between the public and a great number of Belgian and international designers. Brussels Design September will feature exhibitions, conferences, open houses, an Arts & Crafts tour, Commerce Design Brussels and Brussels Design Market. A multitude of dialogues between designer architects and design lovers as well as the chance to discover urban trails between the many pop-up stores, shops, workshops, galleries and cultural spaces. This year’s edition will be marked by the latest trends in Belgian and international design and will be highlighted by the multi-disciplinary spirit of different influences, movements, crafts and professions of current day design. Once again, we want to reinforce the image of Brussels as an attractive and dynamic capital: we will highlight the innovation of our young designers through various events related to Design, in order to enhance the commercial attractiveness of the city. These few past years, Brussels has incontestably developed itself as city of Design. Thanks to the talent and the ingeniousness of our designers. The place of Design in the city starts to have its noble letters. Design September always wanted to connect with the city and represent its various exaltations and diversities. The importance of the event and its influence is shaped more and more: design in its most various forms takes an increasingly important place in the daily life of Brussels: urban furniture, installations, lights,... Furthermore innovations of our designers find its place in the urban landscape. It has contributed in a positive way to the city’s reputation and to its economic and tourist activity. The city of Brussels needs events that put creativity and innovation in the front row. Design September, alongside with the Region Brussels-Capital, the City of Brussels and many institutional and private partners, is proud to contribute to it. This year, Brussels Design September introduces a couple of new events, especially the creation of the Contemporary Design Market and the launch of five limited editions. There shall be exhibitions by renowned designers in iconic places in the city such as, Horta House, ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, and for the first time the Children’s Museum. This is done to reinforce the cultural offer of this 2019 edition. Brussels Design Market will highlight the image of Brussels, a city of vintage: a vintage route in the city will once again mark the 27th edition of the Brussels Design Market, which is the biggest vintage market in Europe. The Arts & Crafts itinerary brings a focus this year on ceramics. Workshops and ceramics designers will be highlighted . Moreover a collective exhibition will be presented at the AREA 42 located rue des Palais.
    CONTACT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/brussels-design-september-2019/695.html

  • LOUISE O'SMAN - HOMERECORDS - http://homerecords.be
    06/09/2019 > Louise O'sman
    On September 6, Louise O’sman will sign her first album with homerecords.be She is part of a new generation that gives an own twist to French chanson, with jazzy elements.
    CONTACT : Jemima Almoro Santos, Rue patenier, 8, 4000, Liège, tel : 04 226 80 23 - mail : jemima@homerecords.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/louise-o-sman/916.html

  • LA CHATAIGNERAIE - http://www.cwac.be
    14/09/2019 > 03/11/2019 - Exposition - Efflorescences - Fondation Province de Liège pour l’Art et la Culture
    CONTACT : Marie-Hélène Joiret, 19, chaussée de Ramioul, B-4400, Flémalle, tel : + 32 (0) 42 75 33 30 - mail : marie-helene@cwac.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exposition-efflorescences-fondation-province-de-liege-pour-lart-et-la-culture/938.html

    28/09/2019 > 21/12/2019 - ​Exhibition - Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier
    Christine Vanoppen’s artistic works span a diversity of applications, permanently displacing the limits of the possible. She experiments with various techniques and materials, drawing inspiration from both architecture and natural structures. Wouter Bolangier started working with glass at sixteen years of age. Today, he works primarily in glass, stainless steel and rubber. His work takes us into a world of suspended animation, where objects come back to life in new and magical ways full of unending sparkles, reflections and hues. At the same time, you are very aware of their fragility, with every seemingly stable instance being an illusion.
    CONTACT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-christine-vanoppen-wouter-bolangier/880.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET - www.designmarket.be
    28/09/2019 > 29/06/2019 - BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET
    Ever since its creation in 2002, the Brussels Design Market has evolved into the « the largest design market in Europe ». This event, that takes place twice a year (March and September), has become one of the main events in the international vintage design calendar. Maintaining its particular atmosphere that charac- terizes flea markets, the Brussels Design Market has continued to increase qualitatively and attracting more and more visitors every years. Dealers, collectors, professionals and amateurs from all over Europe, come together in Brussels to search for fabulous vintage items, designed in the last century. Visitors can discover original and iconic pieces from Ita- lian, French, American, and Scandinavian designers. These are created by the biggest names in the history of design, such as Sottsass, Le Corbusier, Eames, or Jacobsen and Panton. Between the purchase of well know designers and anonymous ones, visitors can enjoy a coffee break or a lunch break with the original food trucks in place. To finish off, this event takes place in the historical frame of Tour & Taxis’ halls, the industrial building that welco- mes the biggest cultural events of Brussels.
    CONTACT : Julie Tobie, Rue du Belvédèrestraat, 28, 1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : +32 2 349 35 53 - mail : julie@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/brussels-design-market/925.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    28/09/2019 > 05/01/2020 -
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en//930.html

  • CITE MIROIR - http://www.citemiroir.be/
    12/10/2019 > 02/02/2020 -
    CONTACT : Arnaud Leblanc, 22, place Xavier Neujean, B-4000, Liège, tel : 04 232 70 66 - mail : arnaud.leblanc@citemiroir.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en//931.html

  • ANTICA NAMUR 2019 - http://www.antica.be
    09/11/2019 > 13/11/2019 - Antica Namur 2019 - 43th Edition
    Antica Namur, the biggest art fair in Belgium that is ranked amongst the European top, opens her doors from 9 until 17 November 2019. Antica Namur is the first meeting place of the art market in autumn. The fair unites 135 top notch Belgian and international exhibitors. The big houses are present at this not to miss meeting for collectors and art lovers. France is represented by the best galleries. Amongst the thirty French galleries, there is Galerie Ary Jan, Galerie Berès, Berger, Bernard Bouisset, Univers du Bronze, Martel Greiner, Jaegy Theoleyre, Pautot & Sugeres, Galerie Théorème and for the first time this edition, two new participants from Paris: Galerie Monluc (furniture from the XIXth century) and Toboggan (Napoleon III). Amongst the Belgians, there is a selection of more than 80 very prestigious galleries like Gallery Desmet, Jan and Frederic Muller, Francis Janssens van der Maelen, Galerie Lamy, Maison Costermans, La Mésangère, Gallery de Potter d'Indoye, Leonhard's Gallery, Raf Van Severen and Jacques Nève.Amongst the first participants: Artimo Fine Arts (marble sculptures) or the gallery association de Beuckelaer & de Busschère. The hall of Namur Expo, which covers more than10.000 m2, will get a special scenography for the occasion. The audience can discover all domains of ancient, modern and contemporary art. A committee of independent experts is available during the fair for all questions or a certificate of authenticity. The fair is animated with a programme of exclusive conferences. The City Namur, in partnership with the Fondation Roi Baudouin, proposes a selection of exclusive pieces from her museums.
    CONTACT : Luc Darte, Axis Gate, rue Fond Cattelain 2, 1435, Mont-St-Guibert, tel : 0475 89 07 89 - mail : luc.darte@easyfairs.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/antica-namur-2019-43th-edition/82.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    24/11/2019 > 07/03/2020 - Exhibition - Nature morte / Nature vivante
    The exhibition 'Nature morte / Nature vivante' in CID - centre d’innovation et de design in Grand-Hornu (Belgium), wants to investigate the relation between man and nature, between the subject and the object throughout design, art and architecture.
    CONTACT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-nature-morte-nature-vivante/875.html

  • EUROPAEXPO - LIEGE-GUILLEMINS - https://www.europaexpo.be/
    14/12/2019 > 31/05/2020 - Exhibition - Toutankhamon
    CONTACT : Alain Mager, Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins, 4000, Liège, tel : 0475 71 53 35 - mail : alainmager@europaexpo.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-toutankhamon/927.html

  • TRINK HALL Museum -
    01/03/2020 > Opening of Trink Hall Museum (Liege)
    The architectural renovation and the reopening of the iconic « Trink-Hall », previously Madmusée and Madcafé, takes shape in the Parc d’Avroy in Liège and will be inaugurated in March 2020. In March 2020, the cultural offer of the city of Liège will have a new museum. The renovation of this building (and its iconic café) in the heart of the Parc d’Avroy, in the centre of Liège, is supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the city of Liège and the asbl Créahm, Walloon region. Almost 3000 works of art that have been realised by mentally handicapped people during workshops are conserved and presented to the public. The exhibition spaces that are dedicated to the collection cover 400 m2 at the first floor of the museum, but there are also venues for temporary exhibitions. The restoration of the building was entrusted to the Atelier d’Architecture Beguin-Massart. The renovation and extension of the building is translated towards a daring, transparent envelop that encapsulates the old building from the 1960 in its architectural structure. In the spring of 2020, the museum will reintegrate its building and change its name. This change of name comes from the affirmation of an identity and a new exhibition programme. The opening is the realisation and the result of a long process. But it is also the occasion to ask questions and to rethink the museum project.
    CONTACT : Marie Remacle, tel : - mail : coordination@madmusee.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/en/opening-of-trink-hall-museum-liege/921.html