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Giovanna MASSONI - Artistic Director

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Reciprocity Design Liege 2018

From 05/10/2018 to 25/11/2018 - CPI : 04/10/2018

RECIPROCITY 2018 consists of exhibitions, two colloquia, a research project and various workshops that take place in Liège, in its province and the neighboring cities in Belgian and Dutch Limburg and Achen. An international triennale that aims to foster open debate on the role of design - products, services, graphics, and architecture - as a vehicle for sustainable change and social innovation. The 2018 edition will feature a dozen exhibitions, two colloquiums, a research/action project, and many workshops. Although centred in Liege, the triennale’s scope will be broad: events will be located throughout the province, plus the nearby towns of Belgian and Dutch Limburg, and in the German border city of Aachen. In 2018, three central questions will be posed. How can design education play a social role, and offer a space for critical research? How should architects and designers respond to the (new) paradigms of fragility and insecurity? How can co-design and active participation - a combination of designers, students and inhabitants - help address the challenges of urban regeneration and the revitalisation of the social fabric?