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Exhibition - Chun Kwang Young - Chaotic Harmony II

From 27/10/2017 to 28/02/2018 - CPI : 26/10/2017

With the exhibition Chaotic harmony II, Korean Chun Kwang Young is the first artist to be invited by Museum De Reede (MDR) since its official opening in June 2017. Chun Kwang Young’s work is an assembly of small triangular packets wrapped in ‘hanji’ paper, bringing to life imaginary abstract shapes defined by different colours and various volumes, thus creating an infinite abstract space. By using ‘hanji’ paper as the means of expression - ‘hanji’, a type of paper made from the bark of the home-grown mulberry tree -, Chun breathes a Korean spirit and soul in his art, while at the same time he offers his international public an oeuvre rooted in universal artistic tradition. Chun Kwang Young (°1944, Honcheon, South-Korea), lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Chun Kwang Young obtained a Bachelor Degree ‘Fine Arts’ at the Hongik University of Seoul in1968, followed by a Master’s at the Philadelphia Art College in the U.S in 1971. Chun Kwang Young was selected ‘Artist of the Year’ by the South Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2001. He was awarded the Presidential Prize by the Korean Ministry of Culture in 2009. Works of art by this internationally renowned artist were acquired worldwide by numerous prestigious public and private collections. Earlier this year the Boghossian Foundation/Villa Empain in Brussels dedicated a one man show to the artist. Museum De Reede (MDR) in Antwerp shows ‘work on paper’ exclusively. For that reason the reliefs and sculptures created by this East-Asian artist fit in perfectly with the exhibition programme, not just because of their shape but also because of their content.