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Exhibition - Adel Abdessemed - Otchi Tchiornie (Les Yeux Noirs)

From 04/03/2018 to 27/05/2018 - CPI : 02/03/2018

The formal, almost classical elegance of Adel Abdessemed’s sculptures collides with the rage, noise and anxiety of current events relayed by the media. New perceptions arise out of this “mystical” union of the light and shadows in our civilisation. Abdessemed’s artistic work is not really logical. Uncompromising and hard-hitting, he confers a quasi mythological dimension to the atrocities around the world, by transposing them into marble, ivory or metal: a young Vietnamese girl fleeing her burning village, a Jewish child from the Warsaw ghetto, a maltreated prisoner in Guantanamo… An eternal exile drifting between Eros and Thanatos, the cosmosand hubris, Abdessemed uses art history as an analytical tool to explore power and the media. In the manner of a surgeon, he examines, diagnoses and cuts into absolute fanaticisms, military violence and political controversies without concession. This “Phenomenology of cruelty” is developedlike blocks of unmitigated, powerful, overt sensation, which he leaves the spectator to define and appropriate. Presenting a series of new works at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Adel Abdessemed offers us an “Archeology of the present” through our relationship to dominance, propaganda and current events.