• CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    Rizom is the sixth project of chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre (L’air du temps**, Liernu). This brasserie-style restaurant – and cafeteria – situated in the heart of the Musée des Arts Contemporains du Grand Hornu and the Centre d’innovation et du design, presents a cuisine on the crossroads of cultures. The Walloon basin itself originated from various migrations. Today it is the home of age-old regional products and at the same time it is the cradle of modern thinking and technology. Rizom’s cuisine sprouts from these contrasts, and reflects the idea of the contemporary regional cuisine of Sang Hoon Degeimbre. Rizom presents a cuisine with diverse roots, and brings fresh, local and seasonal products on the plate. The big classified building inside the museum will exhibit some sculptural work, that are part and parcel of the architectural universe of the restaurants of chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre, and conceived by studio Exsud.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/rizom/926.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    Focus: Ceramics
    Every year, Brussels Design September choses to showcase an artistic medium, through exhibitions, conferences and an art and craft course. This focus allows us to shed light on the actors in the creative sector, which contributes to the pride of Brussels' know-how. The reasons that led us to develop a path around ceramics in Brussels are simple but essential: the development of our creators, the excitement of commercial activity, and the excellent education provided in the Brussels region. Our wish is to give place to the meeting between the work of the Brussels creators and the public. More than 10 workshops and places of creation will open their doors to the public for a weekend where everyone will have the opportunity to present their work methods and creations. In addition, a group exhibition, located Rue des Palais in AREA 42, is curated by Jean-François Declerc and Aurélien Gendras.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/focus-ceramics/947.html

    02/02/2019 > 20/04/2019 - Schiepers Gallery 2019
    In 2017, Sue Schiepers has opened the one and only gallery in Belgium that is specialised in artworks in glass. For 2019, Sue Schiepers proposes three exhibitions: from February 2 until April 20 Baldwin & Guggisberg; from May 11 until August 3 Kait Rhoads; and from September 28 until December 21 Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier. Baldwin & Guggisberg (USA & CH) Philip Baldwin, who was born in New York, and the Swiss Monica Guggisberg have worked together since 1980, studying together in Sweden. As students they assisted Wilke Adolfsson and Ann Wolff before leaving Sweden in 1982 to set up their own studio in Switzerland. They continued to work as glass artists in Switzerland for another twenty years before moving to Paris in 2001 and in 2015 to Wales, where they currently live and work. After their successful Canterbury Cathedral exhibition, this duo is coming to Belgium. Kait Rhoads (USA) Kait Rhoads is an American sculptor. She lives and works in Seattle. She creates innovative structures using traditional glass cane and murrine (Italian glass technique). Rhoads’s youth was spent between rural Virginia and a sailboat in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Growing up on the water was a major influence, and is a great source of inspiration. Her ‘Sea Stones’ series references these watery origins: simple shapes with subtle shifts in colour and quick gleams of light reminiscent of the sun on the waves. To create these amorphous shapes, she weaves together hollow glass cane with copper wire. The resulting small sculptures beg to be touched, their scale, surface and playfulness eliciting a variety of responses from curious viewers. This is Rhoads’s first European exhibition of her work. Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier (both BE) Christine Vanoppen’s artistic works span a diversity of applications, permanently displacing the limits of the possible. She experiments with various techniques and materials, drawing inspiration from both architecture and natural structures. Wouter Bolangier started working with glass at sixteen years of age. Today, he works primarily in glass, stainless steel and rubber. His work takes us into a world of suspended animation, where objects come back to life in new and magical ways full of unending sparkles, reflections and hues. At the same time, you are very aware of their fragility, with every seemingly stable instance being an illusion.
    KONTAKT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/schiepers-gallery-2019/869.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    23/06/2019 > 13/10/2019 - Exhibition - Design On Air
    Invisible, intangible, immaterial. Yet omnipresent and vital. No life on earth is possible without air. Scientists and philosophers share their fascination for air with contemporary designers. The Design on Air exhibition at CID in Grand-Hornu explores the relationships between design and air, the most ethereal, and at the same time the most essential of the four traditional elements. Air – at least for now – is free, belonging to everyone. But in our Anthropocene age, it is also becoming an increasingly threatened resource, in need of protection. How are designers reacting to this? How do they deal with air? What does air mean to them? And can design justifiably be compared to air? In Design on Air, the theme of air is approached from diverse angles, from air as an inflatable material to blowing air as a formative and technical procedure. From the movement of air to the quality of air. Sometimes, the priority is a search for material expertise or innovation in technical production, or such functional issues as safety and comfort, or it might be about the magic of the rarefied, the fleeting, the ethereal. The one need not cancel out the other.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-design-on-air/845.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    04/09/2019 > 15/12/2019 -
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de//941.html

  • HORTA MUSEUM (SAINT-GILLES) - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    04/09/2019 > 15/12/2019 -
    KONTAKT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de//942.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    05/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 - ​Brussels Design September 2019
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/brussels-design-september-2019/695.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    05/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 - Highlights - Edition 2019
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/highlights-edition-2019/932.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    05/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 - Lectures
    This year Brussels Design September, has the pleasure to introduce Paola Navone as its guest of honor. Straightforward, a dreamer and eclectic: her mind and soul are a combination of flavours and colours of the South of the world - known, loved and lived - together with the taste and forms of the West, rich in traditions, open and continuously in movement. All of this produces her untiring curiosity in her research for matters and materials, forms and structures. In her research for the present, the past and the future. Paola Navone is an architect. She is a product designer, an interior decorator and art director. She is a creator of exhibitions and events all around the world. In 1983, she won the prestigious Osaka International Design Award. She is Designer of the Year in 2000 for the magazine Architektur&Wohnen. In 2011 she won the Elle Deco International Design Awards for two project. In 2014 she has been inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Hall of Fame. In 2018 she win the Elle Deco International Design Awards for the category outdoor furniture. She has worked and still cooperates with most important companies of the international and Italian stage of the design world.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/lectures/936.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    06/09/2019 > 30/09/2019 -
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de//944.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    12/09/2019 > 09/10/2019 - Exhibition - Red in Italy
    The Italian Cultura Institute in Brussels, the Campari Group and Galleria Campari present the exhibition Red in Italy. All the Reds of Italian design. This project, which is already on view in the Galleria Campari, is a 360-degree exploration of everything to do with the colour red through a series of iconic Made in Italydesign objects. The exhibition wants to stimulate a cultural exchange. Colours are part of a nation’s culture: they influence our customs and way of life, they affect the way people behave and are reflected in our surroundings, language and collective imagination. The iconic red Campari provides the starting point for a reflection on all those different ‘reds’ that have characterised the civilisations of the world. The rich, surprising history of this colour reveals to us, by mixing art, design, culture and sociology, how our mentality has changed over the years. The exhibition project is structured around five thematic sections, providing the visitor with a way of interpreting the exhibition that involves all the senses. This exhibition confirms the important role of the Campari Group and Italian companies in the world of design by placing the accent on the characteristic elements of Made in Italy products, such as their strong ties with tradition, their cultural heritage and their highly practical nature.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-red-in-italy/945.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    18/09/2019 > 27/09/2019 - Limited edition - Xavier Lust
    The story between Design September and Xavier Lust has been multiple for many years. The success of the Design Stories exhibition at Botanique in 2015 or our collaboration for the exhibition Between Art & Design at Kanal - Center Pompidou the past edition shows it. Of course, Design September turned to Xavier Lust to sign this first production of a series of limited edition pieces. For this production, we wanted to present something new, and to embark on new grounds, working on a material that Xavier Lust has not yet experienced in his very broad work: porcelain. A material where the shape, the deformation of the material will be confronted to the claw of the designer.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/limited-edition-xavier-lust/934.html

    28/09/2019 > 21/12/2019 - Exhibition - ​Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier
    KONTAKT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-christine-vanoppen-wouter-bolangier/880.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET - www.designmarket.be
    28/09/2019 > 29/09/2019 - BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET
    Ever since its creation in 2002, the Brussels Design Market has evolved into the « the largest design market in Europe ». This event, that takes place twice a year (March and September), has become one of the main events in the international vintage design calendar. Maintaining its particular atmosphere that charac- terizes flea markets, the Brussels Design Market has continued to increase qualitatively and attracting more and more visitors every years. Dealers, collectors, professionals and amateurs from all over Europe, come together in Brussels to search for fabulous vintage items, designed in the last century. Visitors can discover original and iconic pieces from Ita- lian, French, American, and Scandinavian designers. These are created by the biggest names in the history of design, such as Sottsass, Le Corbusier, Eames, or Jacobsen and Panton. Between the purchase of well know designers and anonymous ones, visitors can enjoy a coffee break or a lunch break with the original food trucks in place. To finish off, this event takes place in the historical frame of Tour & Taxis’ halls, the industrial building that welco- mes the biggest cultural events of Brussels.
    KONTAKT : Julie Tobie, Rue du Belvédèrestraat, 28, 1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : +32 2 349 35 53 - mail : julie@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/brussels-design-market/925.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    28/09/2019 > 29/09/2019 - Contempory Design Market - JULES WABBES, 100 TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION
    Brussels Design September, FlandersDC for Design, and Wallonie Design are proud to present the launch of theContemporary Design Market, powered by #IkKoopBelgisch/J’AchèteBelge*. The Contemporary Design Market will take place at the same time as theBrussels Design Market, the largest event dedicated to 20th century design, which attracts more than 7000 visitors! For this edition, a special area will be dedicated to contemporary design! Contemporary Design Market is an exclusivepresentation and sale momentfor well-known Belgian based designersandupcoming Belgians based talentsworking in different design disciplines with various materials. As a part of the Design September program, Contemporary Design Market is a unique moment to discover, meet and buy belgian design. Professionals, collectors, prescriptors, architects and other design lovers are invited to discover the very best of the contemporary design scene. Carefully selected by a committee of design experts, designers will showcase their last creations.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/contempory-design-market-jules-wabbes-100-th-anniversary-exhibition/935.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    24/11/2019 > 07/03/2020 - Exhibition - Nature morte / Nature vivante
    The exhibition 'Nature morte / Nature vivante' in CID - centre d’innovation et de design in Grand-Hornu (Belgium), wants to investigate the relation between man and nature, between the subject and the object throughout design, art and architecture.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-nature-morte-nature-vivante/875.html

  • EURANTICA FINE ART FAIR 2020 - www.eurantica.be
    24/03/2020 > 29/03/2020 - Eurantica Brussels Fine Art Fair
    KONTAKT : Luc Darte, Axis Gate, rue Fond Cattelain 2, 1435, Mont-St-Guibert, tel : 0475 89 07 89 - mail : luc.darte@easyfairs.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/eurantica-brussels-fine-art-fair/710.html