• MUDIA - ART DIFFERENTLY - www.mudia.be
    KONTAKT : Karlin Berghmans, Place de l'Esro, 6890, Redu, tel : - mail : kb@mudia.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/premier-anniversaire-du-musee-mudia/962.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    Exhibition - Baptism + Fire
    KONTAKT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-baptism-fire/971.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    Season 2019-2020
    KONTAKT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/season-2019-2020/904.html


    KONTAKT : , tel : - mail : - URL : http://caracascom.com/de//960.html

  • CHATEAU DE BOUSVAL - http://chateaudebousval.be
    23/05/2019 > 23/06/2019 - Inauguration of the winery of the Chateau de Bousval
    The Château de Bousval, 5.2 hectares, will inaugurate from 23 until 26 May her new winery that is designed by the architect firm AWAA of Charly Wittock. The wineyard is part of a biological approach that experiments with biodynamy and permaculture and reveals her winery that is perfectly integrated in the environment. For the occasion, gallery Esther Verhaeghe- art proposes an exhibition of contemporary art during the months of May and June. The winery is accessible to the audience upon reservation. The first harvest that is for sale for the general public is expected in 2020.
    KONTAKT : , 33, Rue du Château, 1470, Bousval, tel : 06 779 44 01 - mail : info@chateaudebousval.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/inauguration-of-the-winery-of-the-chateau-de-bousval/897.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    23/06/2019 > 13/10/2019 - Exhibition - Design On Air
    Invisible, intangible, immaterial. Yet omnipresent and vital. No life on earth is possible without air. Scientists and philosophers share their fascination for air with contemporary designers. The Design on Air exhibition at CID in Grand-Hornu explores the relationships between design and air, the most ethereal, and at the same time the most essential of the four traditional elements. Air – at least for now – is free, belonging to everyone. But in our Anthropocene age, it is also becoming an increasingly threatened resource, in need of protection. How are designers reacting to this? How do they deal with air? What does air mean to them? And can design justifiably be compared to air? In Design on Air, the theme of air is approached from diverse angles, from air as an inflatable material to blowing air as a formative and technical procedure. From the movement of air to the quality of air. Sometimes, the priority is a search for material expertise or innovation in technical production, or such functional issues as safety and comfort, or it might be about the magic of the rarefied, the fleeting, the ethereal. The one need not cancel out the other.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-design-on-air/845.html

    06/07/2019 > LABIOMISTA öffnet seine Tore
    Am 6. Juli 2019 werden die Tore von LABIOMISTA, dem einmaligen sich immer wieder neu entwickelnden Kunstwerk von Koen Vanmechelen, eröffnet. Eine kraftvolle Fremdbestäubung zwischen Kunst, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. “LABIOMISTA ist eine Ode auf die Diversität des Lebens,” sagt der Künstler, der für dieses Projekt eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Genk eingegangen ist. LABIOMISTA ist die Verkörperung der künstlerischen und der philosophischen Vision von Vanmechelen. Bereits über 20 Jahre ist dieser bekannte Künstler auf der Kreuzung von Kunst, Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft tätig. Seine Leidenschaft beruht auf dem Glauben in Kunst als Promotorin des gegenseitigen Verständnisses und als Führerin in der Suche nach Antworten auf die großen Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts, die Beziehung zwischen Natur und Kultur und insbesondere den dauerhaften Aufbau unserer Gesellschaft. Als atypisches Projekt entstand LABIOMISTA aus einer bemerkenswerten Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Künstler und der Stadt Genk. “ Als meist diverse Stadt von Flandern teilen wir die Auffassung von Koen Vanmechelen, dass Diversität die Gegenwart erklärt und die Zukunft gestaltet. Wir schenken ihm für LABIOMISTA folglich unser ganzes Vertrauen, um den reichen Nährboden von Zwartberg zusammen zu befruchten, um zu experimentieren und neu zu entwickeln.,” so meint Bürgermeister Wim Dries. Vier Jahre nach der Grundsteinlegung wird LABIOMISTA dem Publikum eröffnet. Eine Begegnungsstätte für alle Arten und Sorten der Welt, wo universelle sozio-ökologische Themen dank der Sprache der Kunst konkret und diskussionsfähig werden.
    KONTAKT : Goele Schoofs, Marcel Habetslaan 50, B-3600, Genk, tel : +32 495 66 67 71 - mail : goele@koenvanmechelen.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/labiomista-offnet-seine-tore/900.html

  • VHELLO - www.vhello.be
    20/07/2019 > Vhello, a new cycle circuit in Hainaut
    Discover the new bicycle circuit of 880 km throughout the most beautiful areas in Coeur de Hainaut and its 24 villages!
    KONTAKT : Natacha Vandenberghe, tel : 00 32 65 40 53 40 - mail : natacha.vandenberghe@ville.mons.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/vhello-a-new-cycle-circuit-in-hainaut/939.html

  • LA BOVERIE - VILLE DE LIÈGE - http://www.liege.be/culture/musees/boverie-beaux-arts-expos-liege
    31/08/2019 > 20/10/2019 - Exhibition – Retrospective Luis Salazar. 40 years painting (1979-2019)
    Overview of Luis Salazar's paintings of the last 40 years.
    KONTAKT : Laura Dombret, tel : +32 4 238 55 01 - mail : laura.dombret@liege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-retrospective-luis-salazar.-40-years-painting-1979-2019/848.html

  • ESTHER VERHAEGHE ART CONCEPTS - www.estherverhaeghe.com
    03/09/2019 > 03/10/2019 - Exhibition - Jacqy duVal
    Jacqueline Dehond and Koenraad Uyttendaele together comprise the duo of artists Jacqy duVal. They both studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and went on to have careers as a designer and an art restorer, respectively. Inspired by their understanding of and passion for art history, since 2009 they have been working together on a body of abstract paintings. Drawing inspiration from a geometric motif on the walls and ceiling of a room in the historic Hospital of St. John in Bruges which dates from the 16th century, they inflect its forms on canvases of raw linen, in a subtle exploration of colours. This magnificent colouristic exercise, in all its astonishing precision and assurance, is undoubtedly informed by their knowledge of the history of art and the decorative arts. The initial composition is done on the computer screen. The colour samples are then printed on paper and a full-scale test is carried out, with each of the flat tints on paper pinned onto the canvas, and finally the raw linen canvas is sized with rabbit-skin glue and painted with the pigments and casein. This is a slow, thoughtful, intense process. The compositions are developed in very small formats, which are enclosed in Plexiglas boxes like small precious icons, and on very large, majestic canvases with an irradiant presence. Other paintings, monochrome, have a slightly flattened circular form. This is the circle formed by the menhirs of Stonehenge, a megalithic monument consisting of a set of concentric circles, erected in the south of England between 2800 and 1100 BCE.
    KONTAKT : Esther Verhaeghe, Place du Châtelain 37, 1050, Brussels, tel : +32 (0)476 28 37 35 - mail : info@estherverhaeghe.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-jacqy-duval/933.html

  • HORTA MUSEUM (SAINT-GILLES) - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    04/09/2019 > 15/12/2019 - Exhibition - Marie-Ange Guilleminot shows new work in Maison Horta
    The Horta Museum invites the French visual and performance artist Marie-Ange Guilleminot in this masterpiece of art nouveau. It is a logical dialogue between the architect, famous for his savoir-faire and refinement, and the special world of Marie-Ange Guilleminont, known for her alphabet of forms and sculptures that can be ‘activated’. Both artists’ savoir-faire expresses a unique personal vision. Marie-Ange Guilleminot, who previously had exhibitions in the house of Pierre Loti, Villa Savoye and Villa Noailles in France, loves to dive into places that have an interesting history, while maintaining her DNA as a visual artist. In the Horta Museum, she plays with the curves of the building, its transparencies and light. As if the works have always been there. At the same time, they invite the visitor to a new experience. There is a natural dialogue between both artists and their influences: from William Morris over Japan, a passion they both share. The trajectory illustrates a passion for materials: silk, cotton, wool, .. Take the work ‘Le livre de seuil’ that welcomes the visitor at the entrance: it has poetic proportions that bring the daily life in the house back to life in a game of correspondences with materials: exotic wood, stone, bronze,.. The scenography of the exhibition takes in the entire house. There are plates in ‘Service alvéloe’ in the living room, a play with light and matter in ‘Iko’ and ‘Kimono mémoire de Hiroshima’ next to the bath, the ‘Garde-robe made in France’ in the room of the master of the house…In Horta’s office, you can see ‘Paravent’ and ‘Salon de transformation’ with its special shape on a big table, with next to it ‘Chapeau-vie’, a textile work and iconic piece by the artist. Marie-Ange Guilleminont loves dialogues. And she does so with respect for this architectural gem. (Nathalie Guiot, curator)
    KONTAKT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-marie-ange-guilleminot-shows-new-work-in-maison-horta/942.html

  • LOUISE O'SMAN - HOMERECORDS - http://louiseosman.com/
    06/09/2019 > Louise O'sman
    On September 6, Louise O’sman will sign her first album with homerecords.be She is part of a new generation that gives an own twist to French chanson, with jazzy elements.
    KONTAKT : Jérôme Almoro Santos, Rue patenier, 8, 4000, Liège, tel : 04 226 80 23 - mail : jerome@homerecords.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/louise-o-sman/916.html

  • LA CHATAIGNERAIE - http://www.cwac.be
    14/09/2019 > 03/11/2019 - Exhibition - Efflorescences - Fondation Province de Liège pour l’Art et la Culture
    Exhibition with work of 13 artists that are part of the Fondation Province de Liège pour l’Art et la Culture including Emile Alexandre, Yves Barla, Georges Bianchini, Roland Castro, Pierre Čech, Brigitte Corbisier, Michèle Englert, Philippe Graitson, Fabienne Guerens, Tania Lorandi, Juliette Rousseff, Dani Tambour and Guy Vandeloise.
    KONTAKT : Marie-Hélène Joiret, 19, chaussée de Ramioul, B-4400, Flémalle, tel : + 32 (0) 42 75 33 30 - mail : marie-helene@cwac.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-efflorescences-fondation-province-de-liege-pour-lart-et-la-culture/938.html

    28/09/2019 > 22/12/2019 - Exhibition - ​Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier
    KONTAKT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-christine-vanoppen-wouter-bolangier/880.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    28/09/2019 > 05/01/2020 - Exhibition - First solo exhibition of Teresa Margolles
    BPS22 is hosting the first solo exhibition in Belgium by Teresa Margolles, probably the most influential Mexican artist of her generation. The exhibition will showcase pieces produced especially for the occasion drawn from the environment of the town of Charleroi, as well as some of the artist's significant works.
    KONTAKT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-first-solo-exhibition-of-teresa-margolles/930.html

  • CITE MIROIR - http://www.citemiroir.be/
    12/10/2019 > 02/02/2020 - Exhibition - Darwin L'Original
    La Cité Miroir in Liège dedicates an exhibition to a character that is both well-known and misunderstood: Charles Darwin, the father of the evolution theory.
    KONTAKT : Charlotte Collot, 22, place Xavier Neujean, B-4000, Liège, tel : 04 250 99 48 - mail : charlottecollot@calliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-darwin-l-original/931.html

    18/10/2019 > 03/11/2019 - Exhibition - Prix Jeunes Artistes by the Parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation
    The award for young artists (also known under the title "prix Jeunes Artistes), administered by the Parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation and aimed at sustaining a young Belgian creation, spotlights during its current edition photography, printed image and digital art. The Parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation, together with Wiels, invites you to discover the exhibition "Réinitialisé". The four selected artists are Camille Dufour, Anne-Sophie Guillet, Matthieu Litt and Stéphanie Roland. They will show their works from October 18th until November 3rd 2019.
    KONTAKT : Amélie Delaunois, Rue Royale, 72, 1000, Bruxelles, tel : 02 28 28 537 - mail : pja@pfwb.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-prix-jeunes-artistes-by-the-parliament-of-the-walloon-brussels-federation/969.html

  • MUSEUM VON MARIEMONT - http://www.musee-mariemont.be
    18/10/2019 > 20/10/2019 - 12e Marché du livre de Mariemont
    Fête du livre dans tous les sens du terme – mais surtout de celui qui sort des sentiers balisés – accessible à tous, la réunion bisannuelle de cet automneest la douzième du genre. Le Marché du Livre s’installe pendant trois jours au Musée royal de Mariemont. Au cœur d’un magnifique parc à l’anglaise, ce musée surprenant rassemble aussi bien des collections d’art égyptien quede porcelaine de Tournai. L’Atelier du Livre, la bibliothèque scientifique et la Réserve précieuse y fontvivre le livre, de la découverte de trésors bibliophiliques à la création contem-poraine de reliures. Le Marché du Livre ne pouvait qu’y trouver sa place ! Plus de quarante éditeurs présenteront leurs productions dans un lieuexceptionnel, revisité pour l’occasion, des liens entre petits et grands lecteurs pour découvrir le lieu en famille,un invité de marque : Paul Cox nous entrainera dans son univers ludique et graphique en nous invitant à découvrir le musée et son parc avec un regard neuf, une programmation riche et variée en complicité avec les éditeurs présents pendant tout le week end.
    KONTAKT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, B-7140, Morlanwelz, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/12e-marche-du-livre-de-mariemont/943.html

  • THE BOOK MARKET OF MARIEMONT AT KERAMIS - www.musee-mariemont.be
    18/10/2019 > 20/10/2019 - The Book Market of Mariemont at Keramis Centre
    KONTAKT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, 7140, Morlanwez, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/the-book-market-of-mariemont-at-keramis-centre/293.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    03/11/2019 > 24/11/2019 - Festival Impact
    Le projet Interreg IMPACT poursuit sa route ambitieuse et atteint sa troisième édition. Dans cette aventure féconde, le Théâtre de Liège (Lead Partner) et ses neuf partenaires de l’Euregio Meuse- Rhin, réunissent, dans une plate-forme de dialogues interdisciplinaires, chercheurs et artistes, entreprises issues du secteur des nouvelles technologies et des Industries Culturelles Créatives. La programmation complète du Forum International IMPACT #3, constituée de performances d’artistes visuels, de danseurs, de performeurs, de circassiens, de projets développés au sein d’Impact LAB, d’une exposition, de talks, de masterclass et de workshops, vous sera dévoilée à la rentrée. En attendant, voici déjà quelques rendez-vous d’exception à ne pas manquer. IMPACT est un projet fondé sur la coopération de la culture, de la recherche, de l’entreprise et de la formation, dont l’objectif est la création d’un pôle de coopération, de R&D, de production et de diffusion dans le champ des nouvelles technologies et des arts de la scène.Avec l’Université de Liège – Interface Entreprises (be), le Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (be), PXL MAD Faculty – Hasselt (be), l’Université de Hasselt (be), Jazz Maastricht (nl), le Chudoscnik Sunergia Eupen (be), l’Universiteit Maastricht (nl), Regina e.V. – RWTH Aachen (de) et le Kulturbetrieb Stadt Aachen (de).
    KONTAKT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/festival-impact/956.html

  • ANTICA NAMUR 2019 - http://www.antica.be
    09/11/2019 > 17/11/2019 - Antica Namur 2019 - 43 Ausgabe
    Antica Namur, die größte Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse Belgiens und eines der „Top-Events“ der europäischenSzene, öffnet ihre Tore vom 9. bis 17. November 2019. Als erstes wichtiges Ereignis auf dem Veranstaltungskalender dieser Kunstmarktsaison bringt die Antica 135 hochkarätige belgische und internationale Aussteller zusammen. Die namhaften Häuser planen diesen Pflichttermin für Sammler und kunstaffine Besucher längst fest ein. Auch dieses Jahr zieht die Antica Namur wieder neue junge Talente an. Auf der belgischen Messe trifft sich die gesamte junge Generation von Antiquitätenhändlern, die bereits den Markt der Zukunft vorbereitet. Die meisten dieser vielversprechenden Newcomer absolvierten ihre Ausbildung in ihrem Heimatland und spezialisierten sich zusätzlich im Ausland. Dazu zählen Nathan Uzal, die Schwestern Raphaelle und Ludivine Lassus, Sebastien Tercelin de Joigny, Georges Van Cauwenbergh (Artimo), Cédric und Stijn Moermans (Georgian Gallery), Nicolas Bourriaud, Tobias de Smedt, Adrien Denoyelle, Thomas Deprez, Simon de Harlez de Deulin, Romain Monluc, Rafael Zoï (Tobogan Antiques), Arnaud Jaspar & Cedric Pelgrins (Costermans), Laurent Hasaert & Alexis le Grelle, Laura Schmit (The old Treasury), Cyril Gaillard (Manuscripta) sowie die junge italienische Galeristin Alessandra Bardi (Dei Bardi art). Aber nicht nur bei jungen Galerien steht die Antica Namur hoch im Kurs. Auch die alteingesessenen europäischen Häuser sind präsent. Die Messestände sind stets einige Monate vor der Eröffnung ausgebucht. Das ausgezeichnete Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis lockt Antiquitätenhändler und Galeristen an, die außerhalb ihrer vier Wände zudem Gelegenheit haben, ihr Netzwerk aus Sammlern und Kunstliebhabern zu erweitern. Denn hier zirkulieren 30.000 Besucher, darunter zahlreiche wichtige Vertreter der Branche. Mittlerweile gilt die Antikmesse als unumgängliches Ereignis, bei dem die Trends der beginnenden Saison gesetzt werden.
    KONTAKT : Luc Darte, Axis Gate, rue Fond Cattelain 2, 1435, Mont-St-Guibert, tel : 0475 89 07 89 - mail : luc.darte@easyfairs.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/antica-namur-2019-43-ausgabe/82.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    24/11/2019 > 08/03/2020 - Exhibition - Nature morte / Nature vivante
    Since the late 17th century, the French expression nature morte (literally ‘dead nature’) has been used to refer to still life, the field of painting that approaches nature from a sensual per-spective and explicitly alludes to its fragility and ephemerality, and indirectly also to the vanity of human intervention on its composite elements. Over time, the term has extended to include any arrangement of inanimate objects organised in a certain fashion with a symbolic intention, which is meant to induce a poetic emotion. In our so-called “anthropocene” age, man’s unwarranted action is contributing to the impermanence of nature, or even its annihilation. With this sombre outlook, the term nature morte ta-kes on even greater relevance. Yet nature has a formidable capacity for regeneration. Works by numerous creative minds ques-tion, provoke or encourage mechanisms that nature uses to underpin its intensity, reproduction and durability. In reality, each state of matter is a snapshot in a long, slow, evolutionary process of transformation, aggregation, assimilation and decomposition... Nature is very much alive! In this exhibition organised at the CID (centre for innovation and design), designers, architects and artists present intensive, practical or experimental research that questions the relationship between man and nature, calling in equal measure on ecology, science, our moral conscience and artistic creation. Nature morte/Nature vivante reveals how much man’s ambiguous relationship with nature can be both perverse and inspiring.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-nature-morte-nature-vivante/875.html

  • EUROPAEXPO - LIEGE-GUILLEMINS - https://www.europaexpo.be/
    14/12/2019 > 31/05/2020 - Exhibition - Toutankhamon
    KONTAKT : Alain Mager, Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins, 4000, Liège, tel : 0475 71 53 35 - mail : alainmager@europaexpo.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-toutankhamon/927.html

  • MUSEUM VON MARIEMONT - http://www.musee-mariemont.be
    25/01/2020 > 24/05/2020 - Exposition - Bye Bye Future! L'art de voyager dans le temps
    Le Musée royal de Mariemont présentera en janvier 2020 une exposition explorant le thème des recadrages espaces-temps dans l’art intitulée "Bye Bye Future! L'art de voyager dans le temps" Si les « contes du temps jadis » cristallisent, dans une sorte de passé absolu, les vertus et les valeurs des traditions orales, l’affirmation au dix-neuvième de récits et d’images des temps à venir dessine l’espace de nouveaux merveilleux, d’eschatologies dégagées du sacré et traduit une attention résolument portée au monde à venir... L’exposition entend explorer ces fictions et productions artistiques qui ont tenté de matérialiser cette fascination populaire et érudite mêlée d’espoirs et de craintes pour le futur et l’idéologie du progrès industriel. Aujourd’hui, la littérature, les arts visuels et plastiques, le cinéma comme l’ensemble des acteurs de l’industrie culturelle vont puiser leurs références tant chez les futurologues que dans ces promesses d’avenir dépassées ou non advenues créant ainsi des nostalgies du futur, des nostalgies de temps que nous n’avons pas connus. Rétrofuturisme, cyberpunk ou steampunk… Ces visions de futurs alternatifs sont également des recadrages temporels qui peuvent porter à la fois la nostalgie d’un passé « idéalisé », les hantises d’un présent ou traduire les peurs à propos de la société de demain. Ainsi cette élaboration d’utopies, de dystopies ou d’uchronies nous dit les changements de paradigmes culturels et sociaux majeurs comme l’industrialisation au XIXe siècle, la reconstruction européenne dans l'Après-Guerre, la globalisation, l'arrivée d'Internet ou de l’intelligence artificielle. Comment ses discours et images ont émergé ? Comment ont-ils circulé entre sciences et arts, dans les différentes époques et aires culturelles ? Avant l’affirmation des industries d’une culture globale, il s’agit de souligner les échos et les singularités des productions francophones, anglophones & nipponnes.
    KONTAKT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, B-7140, Morlanwelz, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exposition-bye-bye-future-l-art-de-voyager-dans-le-temps/965.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    30/01/2020 > 21/02/2020 - Pays de danses : Portugal
    Après la Corée du Sud, l’Argentine et l’Afrique du Sud, Pays de Danses porte, pour sa huitième édition, le Portugal au-devant de la scène. Marquée par un renouveau politique et économique, ainsi que par une réalité cosmopolite, la création chorégraphique contemporaine portugaise est façonnée de vitalité débordante et de puissance dramatique, reflet des inquiétudes et des espoirs face à la marche du monde. Le Festival offre également une place de choix aux créateurs de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ainsi qu’aux artistes internationaux les plus novateurs et s’affirme encore et toujours comme ambassadeur de la diversité culturelle, vectrice de rassemblement dans les différences.
    KONTAKT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/pays-de-danses-portugal/959.html

  • TRINK HALL Museum -
    01/03/2020 > Opening of Trink Hall Museum (Liege)
    The architectural renovation and the reopening of the iconic « Trink-Hall », previously Madmusée and Madcafé, takes shape in the Parc d’Avroy in Liège and will be inaugurated in March 2020. In March 2020, the cultural offer of the city of Liège will have a new museum. The renovation of this building (and its iconic café) in the heart of the Parc d’Avroy, in the centre of Liège, is supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the city of Liège and the asbl Créahm, Walloon region. Almost 3000 works of art that have been realised by mentally handicapped people during workshops are conserved and presented to the public. The exhibition spaces that are dedicated to the collection cover 400 m2 at the first floor of the museum, but there are also venues for temporary exhibitions. The restoration of the building was entrusted to the Atelier d’Architecture Beguin-Massart. The renovation and extension of the building is translated towards a daring, transparent envelop that encapsulates the old building from the 1960 in its architectural structure. In the spring of 2020, the museum will reintegrate its building and change its name. This change of name comes from the affirmation of an identity and a new exhibition programme. The opening is the realisation and the result of a long process. But it is also the occasion to ask questions and to rethink the museum project.
    KONTAKT : Marie Remacle, tel : - mail : coordination@madmusee.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/opening-of-trink-hall-museum-liege/921.html

  • MUSEUM VON MARIEMONT - http://www.musee-mariemont.be
    01/03/2020 >
    KONTAKT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, B-7140, Morlanwelz, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de//961.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    09/03/2020 > 14/03/2020 - Festival Atlas of Transitions
    Dédié aux questions d’exils et de cohabitations entre les citoyens et les nouveaux arrivants, le Festival Atlas of Transitions est un temps fort qui interroge les réalités migratoires au travers d’une programmation riche et variée : du théâtre avec notamment l’accueil du remarquable Hierarchy of Needs du suédois Mathias Andersson ou encore Z’oiseaux, délicate proposition jeune public de la compagnie française les petites boites des conférences thématiques en lien avec la programmation, co-organisées avec le CEDEM – le centre d’étude de l’ethnicité des migrations de l’Université de Liège des rencontres-lectures d’auteurs sensibles à ces questions une exposition des restitutions d’ateliers menés par le Théâtre de Liège depuis plusieurs années avec les écoles Maurice Destenay, Liège Atlas, et des associations telles que La Bobine ou Le Monde des Possibles des moment d’échanges en collaboration avec le CNCD 11.11.11 - Centre national de coopération au développement et bien d’autres rendez-vous pour que ce festival soit à la fois le reflet de nos réflexions et un réel moment de partage.
    KONTAKT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/festival-atlas-of-transitions/957.html

  • THEATRE DE LIEGE - PREMIERE SCENE DE WALLONIE - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    25/03/2020 > 29/03/2020 - Corps de textes
    Avec le printemps, revient la quatrième édition du Festival Corps de Textes qui vous emmène partout à travers la ville à la découverte d’œuvres littéraires étonnantes, dans des lieux parfois surprenants. Des rencontres pour écouter, découvrir des auteurs, nourrir la curiosité, échanger et honorer la diversité. Laissez-vous conduire à travers cet évènement dédié aux auteurs et aux textes d’aujourd’hui, d’ici et d’ailleurs.
    KONTAKT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/corps-de-textes/958.html

  • EURANTICA FINE ART FAIR 2020 - www.eurantica.be
    28/03/2020 > 31/03/2020 - Eurantica Brussels Fine Art Fair
    Modern paintings, ancient furniture or design, jewels or paintings by Flemish masters can be admired in Palais 1 of Brussels Expo for the occasion of the 2020 edition of Eurantica Brussels that opens its doors from 28 until 31 March 2020. The fair unites 97 Belgian and foreign exhibitors that will showcase in a surface that has increased with 15%. Eurantica also proposes an integrated open space restaurant. This dynamic formula reinforces the informal character of the fair that is known for its faithful and well-informed clientele. Attracted by the high discovery factor of the fair, the audience of amateurs and collectors is every year reinforced by a young generation with a more eclectic taste. Design and Art nouveau are well represented this year, amongst others with gallery Thibaut Wolvesperges Art and Furniture (Brussels) – that combines the 18th and the 20th century. One can discover rare pieces by Gustave Serrurier-Bovy, a big name of the Art nouveau in Belgium, or Jules Wabbes, who embodies sober and vintage chic design. Bie Baert and Frank Van Laer will enlarge the offer of furniture and art objects with inspiring stands. Axel Pairon (Antwerp) surprises with a selection of design and contemporary pieces. Old Masters are also in the spotlights, and specifically the Flemish masters that are presented by Galerie Barrez (Paris) but also Frederik Muller Antiek (Antwerp). Modern paintings are well represented, and defended by specialists like the Antwerp galleries Raf Van Severen, NF Art Gallery or Beukelaer-Nordin Fine Arts. Jewellery, a very active domain that is traditionally well-represented at the fair, also has some faithful adherents and some new faces. Also good to know: the participation of Maison Riondet (Lyon), specialised in collector’s watches. The dynamics of the fair and its solid organisation attract a big number of French galleries, seduced by the Eurantica audience and do not hesitate to change their offer to the Belgian market, like Galerie Barrez, Bernard Bouisset, Galerie Lassus, Galerie Laurence Fayolle or also Galerie Humeurs (first participation). There is also the presence, for the first time, of Rosat Antiques Fine Silver, specialised in silverwork from Switzerland, and of faithful galleries like Galerie Louis and of Egbert Eibel – a première – from Germany, or Galerie Tandem and Het Ware Huis, specialised in Art nouveau and based in the Netherlands.
    KONTAKT : Luc Darte, Axis Gate, rue Fond Cattelain 2, 1435, Mont-St-Guibert, tel : 0475 89 07 89 - mail : luc.darte@easyfairs.com - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/eurantica-brussels-fine-art-fair/710.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    29/03/2020 > 26/07/2020 - Exhibition - Serial Eater
    The SERIAL EATER exhibition dissects thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the “food object”. Since its development in the 1990suntil its current involution, Food design analysis will help offer an understanding of how consumption habits and our awareness of the food system haveevolved. What type of consumers are we, how do we assess our impact in the current scenario and what are we going to accept on our plates? In a sometimes anxiety-provokingapproach to the futureof food, Food design questions our behaviour, desires and doubts as eaters. It alsoproposes a more entertaining vision of our relationship to food, whilst not forgetting its primary objective: nourishing our stomachs, eyes and minds. Curator: Benjamin Stoz
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-serial-eater/963.html

  • CID - centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu - http://www.cid-grand-hornu.be
    31/05/2020 > 13/09/2020 - Exhibition - Plant Fever, Towards A Plant-Conscious Design
    Spanning from open source design and product design to emerging technologies, Plant Fever proposes to go beyond the current plant fever to look at the future of design and humans from a vegetal perspective. The exhibition will explore current solutions and future scenarios of possible interactions with the plant world. Challenged by recent discoveries, the understanding of plants has evolved and encouraged more plant-related experiments. Echoing American ecologist Ian Baldwin’s suggestion that “we should try to think like plants”, designers, as well as scientists and engineers, are looking into plants’ behaviour and learning to “think” like them with the hope to help us cope with the current and upcoming environmental and social issues. These discoveries are accompanied by new trends in home decoration that go beyond the mere need for ornamentation. An aspiration that the exhibition will explore through objects that help us understand plants while reinventing our relationship with them. While delving into the research of key contemporary thinkers - such as French botanist Francis Hallé and Italian researcher Stefano Mancuso - Plant Fever aims to get back to the decisive role that plants shall play in the design of a more sustainable future. From seaweed and oak, to cotton and hemp, for centuries plants have been used by humans to feed, clothe and house themselves. But the rise of non-biodegradable materials led to significant environmental issues and an ever-growing sense of alienation from nature. Eager to fight overconsumption and waste, more and more designers are choosing plants by-products as sources for construction.
    KONTAKT : Di Emidio Massimo, 82, rue Sainte-Louise, B-7301, Hornu, tel : 32 65 61 38 87 - mail : Massimo.Di_emidio@hainaut.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exhibition-plant-fever-towards-a-plant-conscious-design/964.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER - http://www.designseptember.be
    01/09/2020 > 30/09/2020 - ​Brussels Design September 2019
    Over the years, Brussels Design September has become the annual flagship event for design enthusiasts. For one month, the city hosts an array of over 100 not-to-be-missed cultural and commercial events offering a meeting platform between the public and a great number of Belgian and international designers. Brussels Design September will feature exhibitions, conferences, open houses, an Arts & Crafts tour, Commerce Design Brussels and Brussels Design Market. A multitude of dialogues between designer architects and design lovers as well as the chance to discover urban trails between the many pop-up stores, shops, workshops, galleries and cultural spaces. This year’s edition will be marked by the latest trends in Belgian and international design and will be highlighted by the multi-disciplinary spirit of different influences, movements, crafts and professions of current day design. Once again, we want to reinforce the image of Brussels as an attractive and dynamic capital: we will highlight the innovation of our young designers through various events related to Design, in order to enhance the commercial attractiveness of the city. These few past years, Brussels has incontestably developed itself as city of Design. Thanks to the talent and the ingeniousness of our designers. The place of Design in the city starts to have its noble letters. Design September always wanted to connect with the city and represent its various exaltations and diversities. The importance of the event and its influence is shaped more and more: design in its most various forms takes an increasingly important place in the daily life of Brussels: urban furniture, installations, lights,... Furthermore innovations of our designers find its place in the urban landscape. It has contributed in a positive way to the city’s reputation and to its economic and tourist activity. The city of Brussels needs events that put creativity and innovation in the front row. Design September, alongside with the Region Brussels-Capital, the City of Brussels and many institutional and private partners, is proud to contribute to it. This year, Brussels Design September introduces a couple of new events, especially the creation of the Contemporary Design Market and the launch of five limited editions. There shall be exhibitions by renowned designers in iconic places in the city such as, Horta House, ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, and for the first time the Children’s Museum. This is done to reinforce the cultural offer of this 2019 edition. Brussels Design Market will highlight the image of Brussels, a city of vintage: a vintage route in the city will once again mark the 27th edition of the Brussels Design Market, which is the biggest vintage market in Europe. The Arts & Crafts itinerary brings a focus this year on ceramics. Workshops and ceramics designers will be highlighted . Moreover a collective exhibition will be presented at the AREA 42 located rue des Palais.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/brussels-design-september-2019/695.html

  • MUSEUM VON MARIEMONT - http://www.musee-mariemont.be
    26/09/2020 > 31/01/2021 - Exposition - Le monde de Clovis. Itinéraires mérovingiens
    Le Musée vous prépare une plongée incroyable au coeur de l'histoire des Mérovingiens
    KONTAKT : Mélanie Thiry, 100, chaussée de Mariemont, B-7140, Morlanwelz, tel : 32 64 21 21 93 - mail : melanie.thiry@musee-mariemont.be - URL : http://caracascom.com/de/exposition-le-monde-de-clovis.-itineraires-merovingiens/966.html